80 degrees below freezing

We need a -80 degree freezer to keep our research going!

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Completion Date: Thu 18 Aug 2016

 Our request

For our research, we depend on freezers of various temperatures to store our vital samples.

Currently, we are in need of a -80 degrees freezer.

 I am sure you have one at home in your kitchen, whether it is a small drawer in the bottom of a fridge or a large chest freezer. You all know how useful it is for convenience !

While at home everyone depends on a freezer to store foods, we rely on freezers to preserve patient and cancer samples. Without this, our research would not be possible!  


We and the rest of our research group need to store lots of things at very cold temperatures for sometimes years.  These can be cells, research antibodies or other reagents that we need.   Some of these are so valuable that if they are thawed they cannot be refrozen and are lost forever. This can affect our research and the potential for developing novel therapies for blood cancers.

 How will we spend the funding?

 We only need one thing, and that is a lovely, really cold freezer! 

  •  -80°C freezer:  £6000


Thank you to everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give –  we promise you that your donation will contribute to some exciting research and towards developing cures for blood cancers. We will keep you all up to date with progress.

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We know you don't need to back my project by donating, but we would love it if you did – it may not be the most cutting edge project, but we need this freezer so the rest of our vital research progresses!