Bluebots not blue pupils

Help our younger pupils start coding

Bluebots not blue pupils
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Key Stats

% of students on pupil premium at our school: 20%

Number of students this will benefit: 228

Age of students: 4-11


Picture the scene. Pupils come eagerly into the class to learn about algorithms. They cluster, all 30, around the lone working Beebot robot, batteries held in by sellotape. After one lucky pupil gets to enter some commands they watch with bated breath as the Beebot limps slowly across the floor one wheel barely turning, 90 degree turns looking more like 55 degree and they imagine how much better technology could be.

A set of 6 shiny modern Blue-bots would give our pupils the chance to work with one Blue-bot between four or five. They could actually get some algorithms entered! They could learn that programming an algorithm actually can make the little robot follow the path they set! They can program in an app and send it to the Blue-bot via Bluetooth! The batteries wouldn't keep falling out!

Our Pupils

Mytchett is a single form entry Primary school filled with pupils inspired to learn. Being a small school we lack some of the resources that larger schools seem able to raise funding for but our pupils nevertheless remain keen and interested.

Our pupils need the opportunity to get hands on with computer technology and we know Blue-bots are just the thing to inspire them and get them coding.

Our Project

We want to buy Blue-bots as they are the updated version of the Beebot that we used to use very successfully before they gradually broke, although we never had as many as we would have liked.

Blue-Bot are smiley programmable robots that helps pupils code, debug and simulate algorithms for the new National Curriculum for Computing.

With their Learnpads pupils also have the option to plan an algorithm on the device and send it remotely to the Blue-bot which will then follow the steps right in front of them.

The Blue-bots are especially useful for the younger pupils to start learning coding but pupils all through the school can benefit from using algorithms with Blue-bots.

The Starter pack of 6 Blue-bots comes with a docking station to charge the bots and three colour mats to inspire the children. Were we fortunate enough to be overfunded we would love to get even more Bluebots - maybe even enough for one between two! - but 6 really would be fantastic.

Where your donation goes

1 x TTS Rechargeable Blue-Bot Group Starter Bundle @ £479.60

Credit card fees (2%): £10 (to cover the fees charged by the payment provider)

Grand Total: £490

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