Corruption and Governance MA

Help Daban to Fight Corruption in Iraq

Corruption and Governance MA
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Completion Date: Thu 10 May 2018


I am raising £ 23,852 which is the minimum amount needed to study MA corruption and Governance at University of Sussex. I am anti-corruption activist at both Transparency International (TI) and Anti-Corruption International (ACI) Organisations. Please visit my profile to find more about Daban Sabir and my anti-corruption efforts; (

Since the beginning of my profession, I have started my career in a fight against corruption and I am determined to push myself beyond the limit in order to progress in this area. I have passion to curb corruption and I keen on to entirely dedicate my life in anti-corruption world from all of the aspects, just like academic, profession and other voluntary activities. Because I live in Iraq, which is ranked among one of the most corrupt countries worldwide,as a result, this has provoked my inner strength to stand against this evil motion and fight corruption in my region. I aim to a bright future that each of us will be a part of a big movement to remove the curse of corruption on humanity.

Therefore, I ask you kindly to donate some amount of your money even a small portion to help study MA Corruption and Governance which is a full-time course for the duration of one year at University of Sussex in the UK. Your act of acts of kindness, social responsibility and generosity would take place and it is highly appreciated. Help me in order I to be able help my country in a fight against corruption.

Finally, I just like to show you a brief calculation of my raising fund for £ 23,852 and I assure you that everything is calculated precisely according to Sussex University’s standards for living cost in 2018/2019. The amount of £ 15,500 is the tuition fee for International students and the remaining amount (8,352) is the minimum living cost for the duration of course, including accommodation, food, clothes and insurance.  Please also find the attached link for your further information, ( ).