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Bob Hepple Memorial Fund

Levelling the Playing Field in the Human Rights Sector

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This project received pledges on Tue 19 Apr 2016


The Equal Rights Trust is raising £10k to support paid placements for its interns and fellows. This will allow those without the financial means to work for free to pursue their ambition and career in human rights, working with us to promote equal rights for all. 


We are an independent international organisation whose purpose is to combat discrimination and advance equality worldwide. We work in over 40 countries, pursuing our objectives through advocacy, litigation, development of resources and supporting equality movements. 


The human rights NGO sector is notoriously competitive and initial experience in the form of an internship or fellowship is a necessity. We place high value on our interns and fellows and with our mission to promote equal rights for all, we practice what we preach, ensuring equal opportunity for all those who work with us. 

We established the Fund to continue the legacy and vision of our former Chair and Honorary President, Professor Sir Bob Hepple QC. He was a leading equality activist, having a great impact on the anti-apartheid movement and on legislation in the UK and worldwide.

The Fund is a "win-win". It’s not just interns and fellows who benefit - we do too! The talented and dedicated people who work with us make a huge difference to our mission - they support our busy team at crucial times across a wide range of activities.


During the first week of the campaign we hit our minimum pledge of £1k allowing us to support one intern for around six weeks.

Amazingly, at the beginning of April, Doughty Street Chambers agreed to match fund up to £5,000 of our donations raised helping us to get much closer to our desired pledge of £10k. With this money we will be able to support three interns and two fellows for around three months. 

If we raise more than our target - amazing! We could extend the period our interns work with us - furthering their experience and the impact on our work. 

To put it another way: 

- One intern for three months: £2000*

- One intern for six months: £4000*

- One fellow for 24 months: £16,000

*Interns apply for needs-based grants for anything up to these amounts


If you donate to us, we'll send you regular updates on our work, stories from our interns and fellows, and, depending on your donation, we can send you our latest publications and other materials.  we'll also keep you updated with news and progress on our campaign (unless you'd prefer us not to!) 

Where you can find us

We'll be adding updates on the campaign to this page as well as on:  

www.equalrightstrust.org  /   @EqualRights /   www.facebook.com/EqualRightsTrust 

So follow us if you can to stay informed! 


Please let others know about the campaign! Share this project with anyone who you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog!