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Completion Date: Fri 05 Apr 2019

Why are there Still Men Ruling The Business World ? Lets Change This Now!

I personally believe that we as women need to step up and need to bring a new perspective into the the business world and into senior Management. 

How could we expect change when the same people / elite, mostly men, are still making all the decisions. We need more women from different backgrounds stepping up and help to shape the future.

WhY Me?

I grew up with my mum living on welfare, 4 little siblings. I grew up in housing estates where everyone was unemployed and/ or living on welfare. So I learned the hard way that you have to work for what you want to achieve. My teachers and everyone around me told me not to have high expectations on what I will become and that I should stop dreaming, I would never go to university!

I worked since I was 12, first as babysitter, then as tutor and later in different small jobs around town. I always envied people that could go to the movies, go on holiday or even just where able to go to the zoo. So I decided very early on that I want to prove everyone wrong!

With the money I saved I became an Au-pair in the US and Ireland which gave me a new perspective on thing and helped me with my English, I am originally German, which often gave me an advantage later on. 

I went to University in Germany and received my Bachelor in Economics, but even here people told me that statistically people studying Economics or Business are most likely from middle class or higher up families. So more people I had to prove wrong. 

Now after working in IT and mostly IT security for the last 6 years, again people are telling me its hard for women and there are few whole will make it to the top. I again want to show that it is possible, that it is necessary to have more women and that we need to start changing the perception on "who can become what" - we need equal opportunities. 

That is why I decided to do my EMBA - I still need to work while doing it because I would not be able to afford anything otherwise. I also already received a loan but sadly this wont cover all the costs - this is why I am here. 

WHy Help Me?

When I searched for scholarships / finance an EMBA which I am pursuing in the UK but I still live in Germany as I work here. My options, as a 30 year old, where very limited and I realized that I am probably not the only one. Then I realized with those few options out there , women probably have it even harder because not many of us are able to do an MBA while working and most likely raising a family. 

I want to become a role model for  women and girls out there, build their confidence and make them believe in themselves.


My Goal when finishing the EMBA is to build a network for women that are in similar situations, go to schools and talk to young girls and let them know that there are no limits, no matter your background.

I also want to develop a Mentorship program where everyone that is interested can have access to another women - no fee attached - just women helping women.

The Change is In your hands!

  • I need your help to finish my EMBA to be ready for the Business world - so I will be able to set up my Business Idea and be successful