Memorial Fund in loving memory of Brian Mfula

A place in our hearts

Memorial Fund in loving memory of Brian Mfula
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This project received pledges on Tue 30 Jun 2020

A place in our hearts - Brian Mfula

This is a student-led collection to create a dedicated memorial area at the university for Brian Mfula and others that have been affected by COVID-19. A place for family, students and staff to congregate and remember loved ones we have sadly lost during this difficult time.

Brian was an inspirational nursing lecturer who touched the hearts of his students and the thousands of NHS staff with whom he had taught. His presence at Swansea University will be dearly missed but never forgotten.

Satera James, one of the many students who had the pleasure of being taught by Brian, created this project to help fund the development of the pond area between the nursing buildings and Vivian tower on the Singleton campus. We hope to create a beautiful memorial for Brian that will continue to touch the hearts of those he knew, long after he’s gone.

An inspirational lecturer

“Brian had a real spirit, a level of positivity not found in most. When he spoke, we would all drop what we were doing and really listen. We would laugh with him and hang onto every word he said. There isn’t a student who wouldn’t tell you how amazing this lecturer was, I honestly believe that. He will be truly missed, so the area created needs to be as bright and inspirational as he was” – Satera James

We Are Together

Any help you can provide, by donating and sharing this page, is truly appreciated by all at Swansea University. Please help us to create a memorial for Brian, reminding everyone to make every day as special as he made those around him feel. Thank you.