Alumni and Friends' Fund

Ensuring all of our students have access to a meaningful and fulfilling university experience!

Alumni and Friends' Fund
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Congrats! This project has reached its minimum needed of £3,000 and is going for its target of £6,000!

At The University of Brighton, we are passionate about educating and enabling our students with knowledge, opportunity and support. The Alumni and Friends Fund helps enable our students with every opportunity to go above and beyond, and to reach their potential – professionally, academically and socially. The Fund focuses on:

Opportunities in and out of the classroom

Experiences that can enhance students learning, contribute to final projects, and enable students to make a difference in the world and give back to society- in and out of the classroom both in the UK and internationally.

Student excellence and employability

We want all of our students to achieve the best at University and become the most promising students regardless of their personal background or resources. We strive for every student to reach their potential and excel. We want to inspire students by offering dynamic placements, networking and business idea opportunities.

Students in most need

Unexpected circumstances can affect anyone and we believe this shouldn’t be a reason to cease a student’s education. We have been able to help a substantial number of UK and international students to continue with their studies, supporting those who might not be able to study without financial support. By making a gift, you are helping to alleviate financial problems and reduce anxiety and stress.

How your support makes a difference

Life at university is much more than just gaining a degree – it should be a great experience that lasts a lifetime and in many cases, one that transforms lives.

Here at the University of Brighton, we want to ensure our student experience remains outstanding, encouraging participation whilst also responding quickly in support of students facing challenges or seeking advice.

By supporting the University of Brighton Alumni and Friends’ fund, you can help us inspire people through student support funding, scholarships and employability awards and enhancing the student experience.

Your generosity and kindness can help change someone’s future, creating opportunities for students who need them the most.

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