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This project received pledges on Mon 20 Apr 2015
5 years, 3 months ago


Imagine, for a moment, the committee of the University of Bristol Korfball club a few months ago sat in the dingy back corner of the library, sipping lukewarm tea and discussing our financial prospects. Nothing but the low rumble of thunder penetrates the deep, morose silence following the question ‘What are we going to do?’

But thanks to your incredible generosity, we are no longer haunted by thoughts of economic ruin. Instead, we've turned our efforts to the task of making the most of the funds that you have kindly provided.

The good news is that are now able to provide some awesome benefits to our current club members. The better news is that we’ve even managed to squirrel away some money to make life easier for next year’s club. Wohoo!

Our current total stands at £755 after less than a month of fundraising. After setting what we considered an ambitious minimum of £300, this figure has fulfilled all of our wildest dreams and will pave the way for the future success of the club. Once again, a huge thank you from all of us at the club - every single donation has contributed to improving the experience of every Korfballer at Bristol Uni.

Where exactly will the money go?

We’re going to start with some boring admin stuff. Regrettably, the South West Korfball League does not run on cups of tea alone, so to prevent the ominous knock of the loan sharks, we need to pay some league fees first.

More excitingly, we have a few upcoming competitions that we plan on nailing, so we’re going to subside some of the transport and accommodation for all three of our teams attending. This means that less financial strain will be put on club members, which in turn will allow as many people as possible to get involved. If that doesn’t give us a damn good chance of winning, then paying for some sessions with a proper coach certainly will.

Any money left over will be buried in a secret location for next year’s committee to discover in their time of need. (Not really).

All in all, from everyone at the University of Bristol Korfball Club, thank you for making this campaign such a success. We love you almost as much as we love Korfball itself.

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5 years, 3 months ago

Minimum Reached!

Wow. Due an outpouring of generosity, we have managed to raise an incredible £396 in just three days

Not only will this money improve the sporting experience of each Korfballer at the University of Bristol, but once our goal is reached it will guarantee that the club will run smoother than a greasy seal on ice.

From everyone at the University of Bristol Club, we'd like to say an unreserved THANK YOU.

What's more, there is just £114 between us and our target.

Now, we're pretty frugal as a club - we don't hand out gold-plated shoes, have caviar as a halftime snack or get chimpanzee-driven limousines to matches. £500 will make a big difference, make no mistake. However, as a club we're growing all the time. 

What this means is that we're constantly playing catch-up. Having an extra team means extra league fees, having more members means more space is taken up in the hall and more of a strain is put on all of our resources. We think it's fantastic that so many people want to try Korfball, but to keep this a realistic possibility in the future, we need to be ahead of the game.

Any money we raise beyond our £500 target will go towards making Korfball more sustainable. We want to make sure that, at the very least, next year's club don't have to pay any leftover debts on top of the ever-expanding expenses incurred by an ever-growing club. More than that, we want to put in a place a foundation that can give Korfball the kind of financial independence enjoyed by bigger teams at the University. 

What this will mean in practice is that we can subsidize membership fees to encourage people to try the sport, help out with purchasing kit for matches, and even provide a full-time coach (something that hasn't been financially viable for a few years now).

The money raised so far will help this year’s club enormously. We’d like to go even further, and make sure Korfball flourishes in the years to come.

From the University of Bristol Korfball Club - Thank You!

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