Team Brooklands Shell Eco-Marathon Project

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Team Brooklands Shell Eco-Marathon Project
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Team Brooklands:

Hello Hubbub, I am Andy and I am a 2nd year degree student at Brooklands College. I am proud to be the team principal for the college's entry into the Shell Eco-Marathon. My team consists of seven other 2nd year degree students studying motorsport engineering, many of us are mature students returning to education to enhance our career prospects. 

The aim of the Shell Eco-Marathon is for students to design, build and compete in cars that use ultra low quantities of fuel or energy. To build the car we will require financial aid in purchasing materials and parts, although we are contributing to the project ourselves we will not be able to find the necessary funds to complete the build or travel to the event in Rotterdam, Holland. 

The car seen rendered in the picture above is what we will produce with the aid of composite materials, however supporting the green aims of the event we aim to use bio-composites such as flax fibres, these are used in a similar manner to carbon fibre however they are procured from sustainable sources. The car will be fuelled by ethanol a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Aside from the green credentials of the project this is an opportunity for us to showcase our talents as engineers and build a future for ourselves in a subject which we are passionate about.

We have chosen to name the car Ethel, this is partly due to the close spelling with Ethanol, and also in memory of Ethel Locke King. Wife of Hugh Lock King founder of the world's first motorsport venue, Brooklands Racing Circuit. Hugh was also former owner of Brooklands House now Brooklands College. Ethel converted Brooklands House into a hospital during the war and when Hugh's health deteriorated it was Ethel that opened Brooklands Racing Circuit for its inaugural race. It is in memory of these actions we have decided to honour our car with her name.

Follow our progress!

If you wish to follow our progress I will be adding photos and videos to the links below. Please feel free to comment, share or just follow us in anyway.

What we need to fund:

  • Composite materials - Flax Fibre reinforcement including resins -  £200-300

  • Mould materials - £100-200

  • Development of a fuel injection system including ECU £400-500

  • Chassis controls (brakes, steering, bearings, wheels and tyres) - £100-200

  • Logistical costs of travelling and transporting the car to the event - £700-800

If more funding is raised than required to support these purchases I would like to take the vehicle to local events and promote the benefits of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects in school. 

In all honesty when I was younger I did not fully appreciate the necessity of these subjects until it was too late, and I am now having to work hard to re-learn these subjects. I would like to promote the fun that can be had studying these subjects and excite a new generation of budding engineers. 

Recent statistics show that there is a shortfall of 200,000 engineers in the next decade! I would like to help change this...


We are fortunate enough to have access to a 3D printer, this is not only useful for our project but makes awesome models of the car, for all support over £100 we will produce and give to you a model of the final design.  

Images of the team at work

Spread awareness of team brooklands!

I speak for my team when I say that we are grateful for all support, even if you unable to contribute, please help us by sharing this with anyone that you think might be interested.

I understand that not everyone can contribute to this cause however I hope that some might be able to. Anything you give will be gratefully received! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I wish you luck in your own causes and hope to see you cheering us on in May when we will be competing in Rotterdam! 

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We are very grateful for all donations and this will certainly help us on our way to Rotterdam! Thank you!

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This is a huge help and we really appreciate your support. Thank you!

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For all donations of £20 or higher we will include your name on the vehicle’s seat so that you can accompany us as we travel round the Rotterdam circuit!

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This is a significant help! This will go along way and we are very thankful for your support! We will write to you to thank you for your help.

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We are pleased to offer a hand finished 3D model of Ethel (our car) as a way of thanking you for your donation!

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For this donation we will provide you with a 3D printed model of Ethel (our car) and write your name Ethel so that you can enjoy the journey with us!

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For this generous donation we are able to offer you a printed model of Ethel (our car) and should you wish you are welcome to use some advertising space on the side of the car!

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