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Sponsoring an orphan with al-ayn

Staying true to one of our society's main goals, we are fundraising to sponsor an orphan. 

Al-Ayn is a social-care foundation which revolves around empowering orphaned children by ensuring that their physical, emotional and psychological needs are met. Help us in supporting an orphaned child's rights to an education, health and safety. 

Who are we?

Brunel Ahlulbayt Society is a student-led society which focuses on social justice and humanitarian causes. We hold many events such as trivia nights and discussion circles which provide students with an opportunity to voice their views and debate controversial topics in a respectful manner. During the first term, we campaigned to raise awareness for the Yemen Crisis during Ashura Awareness Week, and in line with this theme of social justice, we will be fundraising to sponsor an Iraqi orphaned child. 

Our ethos is inspired by Imam (leader) Ali (A.S.) - the successor of the Holy Prophet - who said:

"Either you are my brother in faith or equal in humanity". 

Our society is open to all, irrespective of faith (or lack thereof), please join us to achieve a goal which appeals to all of our values. 

Where will the money go?

In a modern world where all are divided, let us unite to achieve a goal to battle a pressing humanitarian crisis.

The annual cost of sponsoring a child is £660, so all donations will contribute towards the sponsorship. 

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Help us succeed!

We would be extremely appreciative if you could donate even the smallest amount, to sponsor an orphaned child with us. But, giving money isn't the only way to help us with this amazing cause! If you are unable to donate, even sharing this with your family and friends and on your social media accounts will help greatly!