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Brunel Bulls - Children & Adults' Wheelchair Basketball Club

New wheelchair basketball club for children and adults with physical disabilities

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This project received pledges on Fri 31 May 2019

About Brunel Bulls

We have launched a new wheelchair basketball club for children and adults with physical disabilities in the West London area.  The aim of the club is to increase participation in physical activity in children and young people and develop a competitive national league club for our adult players.

We are raising £10,000 to grow this fantastic project into a club that our local community can be really proud of. With these funds we want to build a sense of community, belonging and team spirit for our players and develop opportunities for a range of needs through having the necessary equipment which is essential. We also want to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our players who developing their skills as basketball players week in and week out. 

Who are We?

The club is led by Dr Mellissa Prunty (Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy) and Dr Meriel Norris (Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy) in the Dept of Clinical Sciences at Brunel University London. They recognised a need in the local community to start a disability sports club and have been working on wheelchair basketball projects at the university since 2015.

Where will the money go?

- We will purchase team t-shirts, sweaters and jerseys to create a sense of belonging and team spirit in our club.

- We will ensure we have the necessary equipment essential for all of our players including children's sports chairs, safety straps and specialist equipment to meet the unique needs of some of our players

-We will purchase equipment to help our players thrive including adaptive hoops and balls for our young players and basketballs, bibs and cones for our adult National League team.

- We will invest in systems to celebrate achievements of our players including an end of season celebration event every April and ways of rewarding the fantastic progress we see each month through certificates, badges, small medals etc


We have great rewards for donations including opportunities to take part in the sport. Check them out!

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