Caleigh Tsuchiya: Student Missions at Southern

To be the Hands of Jesus, serving in His stead...

Caleigh Tsuchiya: Student Missions at Southern
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A bit About Me

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Caleigh Tsuchiya, I'm 20 years old and am a junior at Southern Adventist University studying Biology Research with the ultimate goal of becoming a Dentist! God really opened doors for me this year as I plan on heading to the beautiful island of Palau to serve as an Student Missionary. You can read about my story below!

My story

My story actually begins about five years ago at a Spring Week of Prayer in my Sophomore year at Fountainview Academy. It was the final night of meetings, a conclusion to the revival we'd just had, and the speaker, Denis Lachmann, made a very special appeal. He challenged us to truly be the Hands of Jesus by committing a year of our lives to serving others; not just at home but as student missionaries. As students started up the aisles and traced their hands onto the board where the commitments were made tangible by a hand print, I stayed put. Sitting back in my seat, I tried to convince myself that this appeal wasn't for me. After all, where would I find the year to go? But God is much Greater than our stubbornness and I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart that night. Yes, this appeal was for ME.

Fast forward to Summer of 2018. With full intentions of originally heading back to Southern for my Junior year, God suddenly swung open doors for me to go as a student missionary. Through various signs and divine appointments, I knew it was God reminding me and encouraging me to fulfill that commitment I'd made for the year of 2018-2019. As I planned on heading to the Middle East, a door was closed and I suddenly found I had no place to go. Surely this wasn't in God's best plan... As I wondered and pondered where I was actually called, once again, divine appointments and God-led conversations led me to the Palau Adventist Wellness Center in Koror, Palau where I will be spending this next school year assisting and learning from the medical professionals who are at the clinic helping to be the Hands of Jesus. My story is no where near complete and I look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings!

Help write the story

This is where I need your help and support! Through Southern Adventist University's Student Missions program, I have agreed to raise $3,600 to cover travel costs, insurance, training, and visas. Per year, Southern Adventist University sends out over 60 Student Missionaries all over the world. This $3,600 will help support me in Palau, as well as Southern's program so that they can keep sending others to be the Hands of Jesus all over the world.

Even if you're unable to donate in monetary ways, prayer is the greatest and most powerful means of support!

Your support is invaluable and I appreciate every little bit!

Follow along

Follow me along in this new chapter as I post updates on the happenings and relationships built in Palau and don't forget to keep in touch!


Instagram: caleighisabelletsuchiya


Pass along

I would love if you would support this project by sharing it! Either through social media, or talking to your friends, anyway to spread this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support!

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