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Campus Collective Community Garden

Growing veg and bringing people together

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This project received pledges on Sun 05 Mar 2017

Campus Collective

We are looking to raise £500 to fund the Campus Collective project to build a community garden near the University campus. Help us bring students and local residents together by getting everyone outdoors, growing their own organic veg!

About us!

We are a group of students at the University of Southampton who all share a passion for gardening and the environment. We're keen to get going and put our passion to work, but we need your help to get this project off the ground.

Our Story

With the rise of ready meals and processed food, people are less and less aware of where their food comes from. Skills like vegetable growing are in decline. Campus Collective is going to create a vegetable garden to encourage students and local residents to grow their own organic, nutritious food right on their doorstep.

Gardening is a fantastic hobby to get involved in. Getting outdoors and growing veg is great for people’s health and wellbeing. We hope that our project can improve lives and build important bridges between University students and the local community.

We already have loads of students interested in learning how to grow their own veg. We're excited to get going and start making positive change in our community. All we need now is the money to buy the materials and tools to set up our garden!

Where will the money go?

You can support us directly by donating, and every pound you donate will be matched by the University, effectively doubling your donation! That means your £10 donation will automatically become £20, which is then reflected in the total as we continue to fundraise for the project.

If your donations get us to our minimum goal of £250, that will allow us to buy most of the tools, seeds and materials we need to get the garden going.

Getting us to our overall goal of £500 will allow us to build raised beds and buy protective structures to increase our range of veg. We’d also love to invest in a vertical garden to grow our herbs! We think that with £500, we could make the garden really great.

If the crowdfunding takes off, we’d love to put the extra cash towards running events and educational sessions to get lots more people into growing their own food.


We’ve got some really cool rewards to say thanks to everyone that donates. Check them out on the right hand side of this page! As well as these rewards, everyone who donates will get a special mention on our website, which is currently under construction.

Find us online!

Check out our Facebook page!

We're also on Instagram! Follow us @campuscollective_

It would be great to see you at the garden once we're set up. Drop us an email at campus_collective@yahoo.com and we'll see you there soon!

Help us succeed!

It would be fantastic if you could spare some cash for us, but there are other ways of helping us out! Share our project on social media and help spread the word about us!

We really believe in our project, and we hope you do too. Please sponsor us and get us on our way!