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This August I will be departing in an amazing adventure to serve the people of Zambia as a nurse at Riverside Institute Farms and I'm raising $5,000 for this cause.

A little about myself. . . I am a graduate registered nurse from SAU who loves mission work and is exited to work along side another student Melanie Ramirez to serve at Riverside!

If you are on this page and have read this far, we more than likely are more than just strangers and you have helped impact my life in some way, and for this I thank you! I have come thus far because of the support you have already given. Which is why I would love to make this a journey about us! I have felt God's calling to be a missionary for a very long time, and that not only of a year but lifelong, and praise Him for granting me this opportunity to serve Him! I have taken the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) to heart and want to share with others what God has done for me and how amazing He is! Mission work is something I am very passionate about, helping others without expecting anything in return and just loving others is a great joy!

Now you may be asking about what I will be doing which is that I will mainly be working as a nurse at the clinic at Riverside and in any other area I am needed. Seeing how God has led thus far, I  am incredibly excited to see how He will continue to do so and humbly through the work that we do in Zambia.

I am being sent by Southern Student Missions who have calculated all the expenses (air travel, lodging, food, insurance, among other big adulting words!) meaning your money will be well spent in helping me live my dream of becoming a missionary! Every year over 60 students are sent out from Southern. As a group, we are collectively raising the funds to cover many of our needs including airfare, visas, insurance, training, and care packages. I have personally agreed to be responsible for raising $5,000 towards those needs. I can't do it alone - anything you are willing or able to give towards the 2018-19 class of SMs is greatly appreciated by not just myself but also those we plan to serve.

As I mentioned before, I want to make this a journey of us! I'd love for each of you to join me as I share my experience abroad through a blog, my Instagram and Facebook account! So stay tuned for those links and for any more updates on this wild journey!

So, I'd first like to ask for your prayers & lots of them!! Prayers for the mission work, for the people in Zambia, for all those involved in the Riverside ministry, and for funds especially with the knowledge that with God, ALL things are possible!! If you can contribute with any monetary donation however big, however small, I would appreciate it from the depths of my heart. This is something I strongly believe in and would love to see it to forewishing. But, if you cannot help with money, by sharing this page with all those you know by social media, text, a call, an email!, anywhere! or just shoot up a prayer for this project, that would be incredible.

Thank you for your continual support! I cannot wait to see what God does this next year!!


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