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CCBC Boat Fundraiser

Help Collingwood's Boat Club raise the funds to purchase new boats!

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This project received pledges on Mon 04 Jun 2018

project Summary

We're ambitiously raising £24,000 to purchase two, much-needed boats to breathe new life into our aging equipment - one boat for the women's squad, and one for the men's squad. We have gone from strength to strength as a club in recent years, but we cannot build upon this success, and keep up with the other colleges in Durham, without the boats to do it. We want more than anything to leave a legacy for new generations of members, but we need your help.

Who are we?

We are Collingwood College Boat Club. Entirely student-run, we compete at the highest level for colleges in Durham. We take on 50 novices each year who are taught by student volunteers. Around half of the club, including those competing in our top crews, have never rowed before coming to Durham.

Our Pitch

As a relatively young club, our alumni network is less well-established than other college clubs in Durham. For us, this project has two aims:

  • To leave a concrete legacy for future members, allowing the club to keep growing and competing at an ever-higher level and giving more people the opportunity to row.
  • To reach out to our alumni and friends, creating a more structured approach to our network.

As a bonus, purchasing the new boats will free up resources for our outreach project, which teaches local school children to row.

At the moment, we get by with equipment that is aging and many of our boats require constant repairs to remain functional. To stay competitive we have resolved to turn to our alumni, who would understand our love for this club and the desire to leave a legacy, and to our family and friends, who know how much time and dedication we give to CCBC and how much new boats would mean to us.

Where will the money go?

We considered raising the money for one, brand-new, top-end boat, but decided that as boats are weighted towards either men or women, we could not prioritise our men's squad or women's squad. We are immensely proud of both, and both are in dire need of new resources.

With £24,000, we could purchase two brand new, mid-tier fours, such as the Wintech International 4+ at £12,000 each. We have also received quotes from Kanghua for their fours at the same price.

Alternatively, boats often come onto the market which are second-hand but of higher quality at a similar price, but the exact cost depends on what is available when we reach our goal.

The boats will be competed in by our top rowers, giving them the best possible chance at success. It will also free up our existing boats to be used by our developing crews, providing them with better opportunities than ever to train without spending so much time dealing with the problems that inevitably arise from aging equipment.

Match Funding Incentives

Now we have reached our minimum target of £12,000, Collingwood College have agreed to match fund every donation that comes in on Pitch It pound for pound! This means your donation goes twice as far!


We have some great rewards to show our appreciation to all those who donate, whether friends, family or alumni, so do have a look at them!

we're on instagram

To get an even better feel for what the club is like, along with some questionable hashtags, you can find us on Instagram here .

For more information about us, we also have a website here .

Please Help us succeed!

We need your help to make this happen, and we'd love you to support us with a donation.

You can also help us reach our goal by sharing this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.


Our new boats will be present at races across the North and competing at national events each year. If you’d like your company’s logo to feature on one or both of them and have great exposure to students and rowers from all around the country, please do get in touch with us! We have previously had companies and major graduate-recruiters such as KPMG sponsor us, but we'd love to discuss sponsorship with you whether your company is big or small.


If you ever rowed for CCBC and we have managed to reach you with this project, we want to stay in touch, regardless of donations. If you would like to sign up for our alumni mailing list, you can do so with this form . The details of how we will use your contact information and what we would like to send you are all on the link! Keep your eyes peeled for future alumni events.

Sponsored Event - CCBC Rows the Severn - Increased Match Funding!

So far some of our athletes have made some impressive promises to encourage sponsorship…from Isaac wearing a coconut bra in lectures to Meg having a night out in rowing lycra, hopefully we’ve proved we’re committed to raising the money!

We’re doing one big sponsored event, rowing 354km, the length of the longest river in the UK, over 24 hours as a full club – novice freshers and coxes will all be rowing to do everything they can to convince you to donate!

The date is 25th April, you can follow our progress live on Instagram from 7am then! Link below. From the 16th April until the morning of the 26th, Collingwood will be matching any donations pound for pound to support this fundraising event, so if you're on the fence, now's the time!

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We'll post a thank you card with a picture of all of us, signed by the Captain.

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Pledge £70 or more

We're repainting the boathouse this year and the walls will feature a huge timeline of CCBC. For a donation of £70, we'll include alumni and current members' names with their years of membership on the timeline, along with any exec roles, giving them a permanent place in our history to be discovered by all future members. You will also receive all of the rewards for donations up to this level.

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For donations of £200 and over, your name will be included on a plaque commemorating this year's fundraising event. It will be hung to celebrate the support of our alumni, family and friends and encourage future members to remember how ambitious they can be. You will also receive all of the rewards for donations up to this level.

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Donors of £500 or more will receive an invitation to our official boat-naming ceremony celebrating the investment in the club's future, followed by a drinks reception with current members. You will also receive all of the rewards for donations up to this level.

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Estimated delivery: 1 November 2018

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In addition to the previous rewards, as a personal thank you for donors of £1000 and above, we will invite you to a private dinner in Collingwood with our Principal and the Boat Club Captain. You will also receive the rewards for all previous levels of donation.

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As is tradition, the highest two donors above this amount will be able to name one of the boats each. You’ll also receive the rewards for all other levels of donation.

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