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Completion Date: Sun 30 Sep 2018

"...serve one another humbly in love." Galatians 5:13

__Who am I?

Hi! My name is Chelsea Dancek, and I just recently graduated from Southern Adventist University (SAU) with a degree in Biology in order to pursue my dream of becoming a missionary dentist.

__What is the mission?

>the basics

I believe I have been called to serve at the Palau Adventist Wellness Clinic (PAWC) located in Koror, Palau as a dental/medical missionary. I will be leaving sometime in November or December 2018 and be returning towards the beginning of June 2019. 

>My Role

I will be assisting the local medical professionals at the PAWC through dental work, health education, and more. I will also have the privilege of forming relationships with the people by participating in prison ministries, home visitations, Pathfinders, and other church and school functions. 

___Why missions?

When I was very young, a student missionary visited my home church and talked about her experience. From that time on, I have dreamt of going to another country to serve God. While I believe that we can serve God whether at home or away, God has given me a special passion for those in countries less fortunate than my own. As I got older, I went on five mission trips where my love for overseas missions grew (the video shows two of them)!  For me, participating in missions is more than an experience. It is a lifestyle. As an aspiring dentist, my goal is to bring dental care and education to underprivileged communities around the world while spreading the love of Christ.

My tagline "emptied, filled, overflowing" is at the heart of how I desire to serve. I believe that we are all empty vessels filled with holes. God then comes to fill us with His love, power, and Spirit. It is only because God pours into us and equips us that we can offer anything to others. We must be connected to the Water Source in order to effectively pour out to the people around us. As I enter this time of service, I am committed to asking God to empty myself, fill me with His Spirit, and help me to overflow to the people around me.

___How can you help?

>Invest in the Cause.

Southern Adventist University sends out a large group of student missionaries all over the world each year. I have committed to raising $3,500 for Southern's Student Missions program. The program uses the funds raised by all the student missionaries to cover airfare, visas, insurance, care packages, and training. 


While monetary donations are greatly appreciated, I know that is not always an option. However, all can participate in the most powerful form of support:  prayer. Your prayers for myself, the student missionaries, and all the people we will be serving are greatly appreciated and will make incredible, life-changing impacts. 

>Enlarge the Circle.

Sharing this page on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) is a wonderful way to spread the word and would be very much appreciated. 

>Stay Connected.

I will be sharing pictures and stories of the people, places, and experiences I come across during my adventure on social media. I also hope to start a blog for this trip! Please feel free to contact me through my social media, blog, or email. I would love to keep in touch, learn about how you are doing, answer any questions you may have, and support and pray for you.

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___Thank You!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me and my mission to serve God in Palau! I am incredibly grateful for your generosity and support in any form. May God continue to bless you!

___Southern's Giving policy

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