The Choice Program

Support 30 Years of The Choice Program at UMBC's service to Maryland youth and communities

The Choice Program
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This project received pledges on Thu 31 May 2018

The Choice Program at UMBC believes that all young people have the potential to be successful in their communities, in their homes, and in their schools. For nearly 30 years, The Choice Program has been mentoring, engaging, training, and advocating for youth and their families in Baltimore and around the state of Maryland. Through direct programming supported by generous donations and funding partnerships, The Choice Program is able to offer a wide array of programming to youth who may not otherwise have these opportunities. From designing and creating a mosaic, to creating spoken word performances with local artists, to exploring what it means to be a human rights defender, The Choice Program offers a platform for youth to have their voices be heard. Last year, The Choice Program was able to provide educational, vocational, and mentoring support to nearly 900 youth around the state of Maryland. Our impact continues to grow and your donation to The Choice Program at UMBC will help to provide more youth with meaningful opportunities to engage with their communities.

All your contributions will go directly to support The Choice Program at UMBC and its programs to support youth participants and their families. Join us!

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