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This project received pledges on Tue 15 Sep 2020
1 year ago


Thanks to everyone who sponsored and voted and who continues to sponsor (you can still do this for a few days). What an utterly ridiculous amount of money to raise for a movie marathon, but I think that reflects the strange times we live in, as well as how fabulous you all are.

13 films made the cut, plus an extra chosen by me to fill up the short time left over (South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut).


Join me on YouTube at 10:50am to countdown to the 11am start of my 24 hour movie marathon:

From 11am, I will then be livestreaming me watching the movies, so if you want to check in on me, or send me some live messages (the chat will be open), or drift off to sleep with me (ha!), then check it out on my YouTube channel. You won't be able to see (or probably hear) the films. It will literally be me. Sitting. Hopefully not doing anything too embarrassing. 

Due to the length, the livestream will be in 3 separate videos: 

  1. 10:50am - 7pm (approx):
  2. 7pm - 3am (approx):
  3. 3am - 11am (approx):


I'll also be Tweeting the marathon here:


10:50am: Countdown (join me on Youtube)

11am Dean Spanley (23 votes)Howard the Duck (21 votes)Trick Baby (29 votes)

School hometime (4pm-ish) Onward (22 votes)101 Dalmatians 2: Patch’s London Adventure (40 votes)

7pm-ish Dirty Dancing (28 votes) Boy (35 votes)Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (29 votes)

Just past midnight Apollo 13 (28 votes)Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (34 votes)South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (0 votes - added by me to make up the minutes to 24 hours)

Ridiculous O’Clock (5:30-ish) Jurassic Park (34 votes)Bambi (41 votes)Moulin Rouge! (28 votes)

Commiserations if your film didn’t make it, I would never have predicted that 21 votes would be the cut off point! I’ll definitely be watching some of the ones that didn't make it soon, as they look great (mostly).

1 year ago

UPDATE 8/9/20: <1 day left to vote (vote by 11am on Wednesday)

Check back late Wednesday/early Thursday for details on how to follow my movie marathon live, on Youtube (I'm live streaming my sofa - how thrilling) and Twitter (@Bartmanblues7).


Last call for votes! If things get a little close, I reserve the right to refrain from giving out details of specific uptodate vote counts during the closing hours...

How many films make the cut depends on their length, essentially. I'm aiming for 1440 minutes of films (24 hours), and I really don't want to go over that if I don't have to, so I have a relatively short feature film in mind to help make up the gap, if need be, plus I may check out a few short films. So it's currently looking like 13 films. Currently.

Recent voting

There's been an unbelievable late run in the last couple of days, but most votes have gone to films already on the list, hence 'Jurassic Park' has shot up the list into third, with more votes also for 'Onward' and 'Erin Brokovich'. One new film has just this evening jumped into 11th from nowhere: 'Boy'. I'm a fan of Taika Waititi and am badly in need of another comedy film to add to 'Weekend at Bernie's', so I really hope it makes it!

The cut

I am shocked that the cut off for inclusion is so high: currently 15 votes (note if two or more films are tied on votes, they are ordered by when they reached that number of votes, i.e. earliest is placed highest).

So I would empathise if your hard-earned votes ultimately don't win your chosen film(s) through.

But look on the bright side, your votes were part of a collective effort to push one another onwards to where we are now, plus your support is going to an excellent cause (thank you so much).

And there's certainly going to be a number of films which don't make the cut which I end up watching anyway.

For example, I've purchased 'The Marine' on DVD from ebay (£1.56 inc. P&P, not bad), so assured of its inclusion I was last week, with its 12 votes, that it'd be a shame to waste its journey to me.

And although 'Bombshell', 'Le Mans '66' and 'The Red Turtle' currently don't make the cut, I'm very keen to watch them all soon. (I've actually already rented 'Le Mans '66', again because I was sure it was going to make it).

Won't somebody think of the children?

Well I have. I have two young kids who will be around post-school and early morning, during the marathon, so have to ensure about 3 kid-friendly films - at least - make the cut.

'Bambi' has been there from day one, and 'Onward' has had a late surge. I was keen to let our kids have a say too, so have donated £25 of my own money and let them vote.

Oh what a mistake: '101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure'. What an awkwardly named sequel.

At least they'll enjoy watching it with me :)


My final note (well done if you got this far!) is to say this is the perfect week to do a sit-down movie marathon, as last night I rolled my ankle at football. It is pretty swollen and I've been laid up all day. What lengths to go to, in order to skip school/playgroup/dog walking duties.

So it no doubt means an added level of discomfort on Thursday/Friday. Perhaps that will help keep me conscious.



11am - voting closes

I'll work out a schedule and thenpost more details of it and how you can keep up with developments on the day, as well as through my livestream.

Thursday (happy birthday to me)

10:50am - streaming begins

11am - 24 hour movie marathon begins

1 year ago

UPDATE 6/9/20 - 2 days, 14 hours left to vote (vote by 11am on Wednesday)

Wow - sponsors have been flying in! We have managed to raise an incredible total, and with that being matched by YHEC, we're at £950. Amazing. Thank you.


Voting wise, it's hotting up. Lots of films have vaulted into the top 10 and whilst nothing has displaced 'Bambi' at number 1, 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' and 'Dirty Dancing' have propelled up the rankings into second and third place respectively thanks to a string of votes from YHEC-ers: thanks guys. *Truly*.

My neighbours have insisted I watch 'Weekend at Bernie's' - all I know about that is that it's Rachel Green's favourite film (not 'Dangerous Liaisons').

Some other newly voted-for films may also make the cut: 'Moonlight', 'Bombshell' and 'Le Mans '66'/'Ford vs Ferrari' - I genuinely am excited to watch all three of these!

Final votes

Get your votes in before 11am on Wednesday morning - that should give me a chance to work out how many I can watch (I've revised the blue bar to 12 based on current films, still give or take 1 or 2). I may have to stratify the tallies a little, to account for having enough viewing time allocated to children-friendly movies such as 'Bambi', 'Onward', 'The Red Turtle' etc., since the kids may be joining me for some of it.


I plan on livestreaming my marathon. As enthralling as I'm sure it'll be to watch me watch 12 movies (it really won't), it allows you to check in on me and drop me messages of support. I'll put some links up - I'm hoping to do it via my Youtube channel:

Extra surprise

Stay tuned for a possible extra way to join in the fun on the day....

1 year ago

UPDATE 31/8/20 - 9 days left to vote (vote by 11am on Wednesday 9th September)

The final countdown

Tomorrow is the 1st of September so I'm counting down the days till the movie marathon now - and starting to think it's not going to be to help motivate me through it and into the early hours of the morning through 'Dirty Dancing', please do sponsor and support a wonderful cause which helps combat mental health issues. We've greatly been affected by such issues this past year so it really would mean a lot if you're able to find anything. 

And the good news is all donations are being matched by the company I work for!

And the other good news is for every £1 you pledge, you get a vote to help decide which films I watch!....(see the main 'story' sponsor page for details).

The films

The list is starting to take shape, we're getting a few films with multiple votes ('Dirty Dancing', 'The Red Turtle', 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!'), but still time to make an impact. I have a feeling the top 3, are safe, but only 9 votes separate 4 to 11.

I'm starting to think about the running order....

Join me on my movie marathon

I am hoping to stream the marathon. Now don't get too excited, I haven't managed to secure the rights to show the films, and since I'm likely to be using YouTube (details to follow), it will most likely just consist of me, plus a chat space so you can interact a bit. But it means you can check up on me. Please say hi. Please! (I think I'll need the company/stimulation).


The revised target was met and surpassed (thank you so much) so I have revised it upwards by another large stretch. Possibly, we won't hit it, but I darn well want to give it a go, so get the message out!....


I ventured to the cinema last week so see Tenet. It's no understatement to say this could be the film to save cinema.

It was a great film, and the cinema I went to (Cineworld in York) have gone to great lengths to make everything as low-risk as possible (as have other cinemas I've read about). So if you're wanting to support cinema, and you feel like you may be ready to do so in person, I would recommend checking this stunning (and brain-melting) film out. I was able to book a seat on a side aisle, so was well away from anyone, and felt fine.  

1 year ago

UPDATE 23/8/20 - 18 days left to vote (vote by 11am on Wednesday 9th September)

You've smashed my original target - very happy about that, so thank you everyone who has supported me so far. We have revised the target up - I am confident we can make it, so please pass on this page to friends and family.

I know there are plenty of people raring to force their favourite movie on me, and also to support a brilliant local cause too, which has affected us as a family, so what are you waiting for?

Donations matched!

Other big news is that the company I work for (YHEC) are generously matching the money we raise as a company for York Unlimited this year - so all your donations will count double (see this link for the running total - my movie marathon total will be added after the event).

So if you're able to dig out that little extra more in the knowledge it will go even further, that'd be amazing!

New votes = new films

A number of new films have entered the fray:

  • Mum has split her votes between 'Moulin Rouge!' (the bright colours and music should help) and 'Dean Spanley', a relatively obscure historical comedy drama that sounds like I shouldn't schedule early in the morning!
  • Stuart and Anna have decided 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' should take most of their votes, though they also managed to squeeze in some tempting options that I'd love if anyone else would vote higher: 'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum', 'The Gentlemen', and 'Night of the Living Dead'

The cut off

You'll notice the giant thick blue line on the graph above. I think it's likely I'll be able to schedule about 10 (give or take) of the films with the most votes - those above the blue line. If films have the same number of votes, I'm ordering by date added (oldest first).

I'll also need to consider running order and ensuring a select amount of film time is kid-friendly, due to the kids being around - not sure they'll appreciate Sharknado 3! But it looks like Bambi is guaranteed a spot at least, and The Red Turtle is another good option for that, I believe.

Which films to vote for

You can vote for any film but remember I've put together a list of unseen films available (click here), so that's a good place to source suggestions from, as well as the films already voted for. I did watch 'Little Women' last week and it was utterly fantastic but would happily watch it again if you do want to boost its votes.

Thanks again for your support. Stay healthy.

1 year, 1 month ago

UPDATE 8/8/20 - 32 days to go

Wow, lots of early sponsors and votes - see the graphic below for first status update - thank so much, this cause is a particularly important one to us so it really means a lot.

Early votes set the tone

My family have got in early doors - brother Patrick has voted 40 times for 'Bambi' and my dad has split his 25 votes between 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' (which he insists is the best of the series) and 'Trick Baby', an obscure 70s crime drama. Mum is playing the waiting game...

'The Red Turtle' (joint 4th) is an animation I've heard lots of great things about, and another 'classic', 'Dirty Dancing', currently sits 6th. The 2019 adaptation of 'Little Women' currently sits joint 8th, tied with nine other films, but I've recently rented that with intentions of watching it whilst on holiday next week, so perhaps don't vote for that, if you're unsure.

Tactical voting

The voting tactics have been varied, some have split their votes (10 ways, thanks Pete!) whilst others have gone for one or two choices. No film yet has votes from more than one person, which suggests a lack of collusion (I'm disappointed). Some people who've sponsored have held their votes back....

I would suggest anyone hoping to garner votes from others, to get their film on the score sheet soon, so as to tempt future voters.

Which films to vote for

You can vote for any film but remember I've put together a list of unseen films available here, so that's a good place to source suggestions from, as well as the films already voted for. I'll update again, once/if there's a significant change in the tally.

I'm not going to get through 17 films during the marathon (17 is the current tally), so if you want me to watch 'Crocodile Dundee' (already seen it but yes please!) or 'Legally Blonde 2' (hmm...not fussed), then make sure to get your votes in.

Thanks again for your support. Stay healthy.