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Videography that pushes technological boundaries, but with a personal touch

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This project received pledges on Sun 10 Jul 2016

Videography that's both professional and personal

I am attempting to raise £2000 to take my videography business to the next level. The money will go towards equipment, marketing and a 360 camera, making me one of the first local videographers to offer 360 degree video!

What is Chris Spice Films?

After graduating from Southampton Solent University, I decided to create my own videography business. The market is extremely crowded but I wanted to offer something above and beyond, which is why I pride myself on the service I offer and not just the videos I make.

Why now?

A year on and the business has grown incredibly, and I'm also having great fun too. Now though, it's time to do something that is going to put me firmly on the map and I believe 360 video is the way towards this.

- Imagine putting on your VR headset and being right in the centre of the crowd at a festival where your favourite band are playing.

- Imagine putting on the VR headset and seeing the reactions of every guest at your wedding as you walked down the isle, something you'd completely miss in the moment.

- Imagine getting a full 360 tour of a house you are looking to buy, without even being there.

It's this kind of experiential video that I believe can put me on the map, and in the long run, allow me to work on my passion which is freelancing, full time.

Where will your funding go?

Of course, I'll be putting the funding to great use. Below is a breakdown of where the money is going to go:

  • Equipment - Brand new lens, sound equipment and upgrades: £1150
  • Wedding Marketing - £350
  • 4k 360 Camera - Estimated at around £500 when released.

All of the progress on this will be documented on my Facebook page, so be sure to head there and like the page to keep up to date with how your funds are being spent.



In return for all of your generosity, I will be giving some things back as a thank you from me. These will correspond with how much you have donated and I hope will make it worth your while!


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  • Everything helps and I will be grateful for help in any way, shape or form.
  • And of course if you know anybody in need of a video of any kind, send them my way!