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Filmmaking workshops for children in Pakistan.

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Hello! My name is Myriam and I am a film student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. I want to use my skills, time and passion for cinema to teach film making to a group of children from impoverished and marginalised backgrounds in the rural town of Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan.

Project Mission & Objectives:
  • To support and empower children from marginalised and low income backgrounds 

  • To widen the cultural experience of the children through film screenings and discussions

  • To provide a platform for social and political issues to be explored and allow the children to address these in creative ways

  • To equip the children with the fundamental and basic skills required to create a short film

  • To provide a safe, engaging, creative and educational experience for the children

  • To establish film and arts as a major facilitator and form of expression for children and young people in Pakistan


Project Details:

On the 9th of December I will fly to Pakistan and spend time with the children, teaching them the basics of film making and supporting them as they write, shoot and edit their own short films. 

This project will run over the course of two weeks, in the form of day long workshops. Between 8 to 12 children will form the group of young filmmakers and they will be taught basic technical skills in film (such as camera operation, composition, sound, setting up a shot) as well as encouraged to think creatively about film (learning to understand film language, think about reading an image, learn about story structure, script writing).

The children will then be divided into two groups, with one group working on a fiction short film, and the other working on a short documentary. The children will be given a theme and encouraged to focus their film's story and basis on that theme. They will be given individual roles, such as camera assistant, sound recordist or clapper loader and they will all be given the chance to rotate the roles.

During the workshops, the children will be provided with lunch, refreshments and drinks everyday, as well as stationary and notebooks. The children will also be given the chance to each film a video diary and write an entry on the website's blog. 


How will the funds help?

The logistics of the project will be covered by the grant of £1,000 I received from IdeasTap - this has paid for my flight, printing materials, the refreshments and lunch for the children, the notebooks and stationary, and the internet connection and television rental.

Resource Productions will kindly be letting me borrow their camcorders and basic equipments for the children to use during the workshops.

I need extra funding to:

  • Purchase a HD Camcorder, tripod, microphone and SD cards for the group of children to keep and use after the workshops.

  • Organise a screening event for the children to view their films and invite their friends and families. 

  • Cover the travel costs for the children to attend the Lahore International Children's Film Festival.

  • Purchase a projector and DVD player, along with a range of DVDs for the children to continue holding screenings.


Every donation is welcomed and very much needed. If you cannot donate, then please spread the word to your friends and families:

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Thank you!