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What we are doing

Young people across our capital are scared to walk our streets. Aaron (17), who is involved in the campaign talked about having to walk into his front door backwards. We don't want a generation of children and young people looking over their shoulders, we want them to be and feel safe. Your money can help make this difference. We are raising £5,000 to help extend the work of the CitySafe campaign. This will help fund 10 of London's most dangerous neighbourhoods. 

CitySafe is a campaign that gets young people turning their local shops into CitySafe havens. Shopkeepers agree to work with local police, report 100% of crime and offer their shop as a place of safety for anyone in danger. We want children and young people to feel safer on the streets of London. We want young people to be confident about walking home from school for the first time or walking back home from the bus stop late at night. That's the kind of London they deserve. CitySafe has proven that it reduces crime and the fear of crime but we want to set up 10 new zones across London. Will you help us? 

Who we are

My name is Pete and I was a youth worker in South London for nearly 10 years. I saw far too many young people frightened to walk in their own communities. I started working for Citizens UK because it is helping give young people a chance to reclaim their streets and make them safer through CitySafe. 

Paul Amuzie is a community organiser with Citizens UK, CitySafe was why Paul joined the organisation. He knows too many friends who have been the victim of violent crimes across London where he grew up. Here are three people from CitySafe, who each capture why this campaign is so important.

The campaign is ALL about young people


'My name is Annalisa and I am 18 years old. I want to be able to walk home safely without fear of being followed.'

'My name is Calum and I am travelling home from school on my own for the first time this term. I want to know that there are places I can turn to in case I get lost or scared'

'My name is Michael and I have been mugged three times in the last year. I want to be able to set up a CitySafe zone in my area so that I can feel safer in my own neighbourhood'

CitySafe is giving young people hope. Give them a reason to have more and support us in turning the tide of violence. 

Where will the money go?

We want to spend the £5,000 on developing a CitySafe zone on the South Kilburn estate. This zone will become a model of best practice and the zone in which we fully evaluate the success and sustainability of the campaign before rolling it out to the 9 other zones identified across London. 

Training of young people and police in CitySafe - £1,000

Marketing - £1,000

Employing the time and passion of a community organiser - £2,000

Evaluation - £500

Celebration of Zone event - £500


If you invest in the campaign we will thank you with a gift.  An amazing CitySafe T-shirt so you can spread the good news, a whole CitySafe Zone sponsored by you or your company and much more.  

Find us here

Website:, Twitter: @CitySafeLDN. Follow us to find out how we're doing!

Help us succeed!

Help us succeed by donating or letting other people know about the campaign. As well as supporting us through crowd funding you can support the campaign by letting as many people know about it as possible. Oh and if you see the CitySafe logo be sure to shop there and say thank you for helping make London safer and more friendly.