Clara Naibaho: Student Missions at Southern

To pass forward the blessings God has given my family!

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Friendship with Refugees providing Education and Empowerment (F.R.E.E)

Vision Statement:

"Providing refugees with the education and empowerment needed to transform their lives from victim to contributor."

A little bit about me...

I am an Indonesian immigrant who who has been blessed with the opportunity to have higher education from Southern Adventist University.

My family moved to the U.S. in 2006 due to religious persecutions. God has blessed us with the ability to progress and be able to live a stable life. However, I know that not everyone were presented opportunities that were given to my family. Thus, my desire is to pay forward the blessings God has given to my family and help those who are in a similar situation as we were in 2006.

I have agreed to raise $650 for Southern's Student Missions program. The funds we raise will help cover our airfare, visas, insurance training, and care packages. I am excited to serve as a student missionary. Will you help me reach my goal? Whatever you are able to give is greatly appreciate by the 2018-19 student missionaries, the people we will serve, and also myself.

What I'll Be Doing:

  1. I will be helping to teach ESL to about 80 students and having tutoring sessions with those who are at high risk for failing their ESL classes
  2. I will also be helping the adults with filing paperwork, such as helping someone to navigate through the application for a driver’s license
  3. I will be helping to integrate FREE to becoming part of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference
  4. Lastly, I will be doing whatever I need to do in service to the people in Clarkston!

Help us (Student Missions as a whole) succeed!

  • Spread the word! Share my links as well as my friends' links!
  • Shower us with your prayers :)
  • Encourage those who you know will be spending time in the mission field!
  • Donate to a worthy cause!

Southern's Giving policy

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