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Crave at the Fringe 2018

Collingwood students take Sarah Kane's 'Crave' to the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

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This project received pledges on Sun 26 Aug 2018


We are two students from Collingwood College, Alice and Helena. We are both members of Collingwood Woodplayers, and we have the opportunity to take Sarah Cane's 'Crave' to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play is complex and intriguing, and promises to be an exciting Fringe debut for our cast and crew, which is made up primarily of Collingwood students, with some talented actors from other colleges joining us too! The play stars four characters (A, B, C and M) who have no 'obvious' identity. Sat together by chance, the strangers explore the darkest moments of their pasts with the audience. We need to raise a minimum of £2150 in order to make this project happen, and we need your support!

Who are we?

The two directors, Alice and Helena, both have extensive experience in Durham Student Theatre. In the past, Alice has directed, produced, and acted in various straight plays and musicals with the Woodplayers. Our recent show, 'The Events' by David Greig, was selected for the National Student Drama Festival 2018, where it won the Spotlight Prize.

The production is led primarily by Collingwood students, but some talented performers from other colleges are part of this project too:

Cast and Crew

Co-Directors: Helena Snider and Alice Chambers (Collingwood)

Co-Producers: Catherine Jones and Amanda Cullen (Collingwood)

Cast: Angie (Trevs), Jake (Hafield), Emma (Cuths), and one actor TBC.

Why are we doing this project now?

Everyone in Collingwood is excited about the upcoming opening of Collingwood's very own donor-funded 200-seater theatre and performing arts space (opening September 2018). The theatre will enable The Woodplayers and other student groups to put on bigger and better shows. As part of this ambition, we are taking Crave to the Fringe this year to build up our experience, and use this as a platform to take a full Collingwood Woodplayers production to the Fringe in 2019.

The opportunity to lead this project was open to directors from Collingwood and we hope it will inspire future Collingwood students and Woodplayers to take a show to The Fringe every year.

We have successfully reserved the Perth Theatre (45 seats) and Space Triplex Studio (63 seats) from 12-25 August 2018 . In order to make this project as successful as possible, we need to raise more funds, and we are reaching out to our networks to help us.


Essential costs to get the show on the road (£2150):

  • The rights for the play
  • Venue hire in Edinburgh
  • Set, costume and props
  • Publicity in Durham and Edinburgh

Additional costs (if we reach our dream target):

  • Travelling and staying in Edinburgh for the Fringe can be expensive, and we would use additional funding to support the cast and crew with travel and accommodation expenses. This will ensure that everyone can take part!

All proceeds from the sale of tickets to Crave will be returned to Collingwood College, and will be put towards the costs of sending a full Collingwood Woodplayers production to The Fringe next year.

How can you help?

We need your help to make this happen, and we'd love you to support us with a donation.

You can also help us reach our goal by sharing this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. The more people we can share this with, the better!

Why should you support us?

  • Without your support, we will struggle to make this happen.
  • Taking a play to the Fringe will provide a real boost to theatre at Collingwood, and help us raise the bar for future productions in our own theatre space next year.
  • Collingwood College provides amazing opportunities for all students to develop skills and experiences. Taking a show to the Fringe will certainly be a valuable learning experience for cast and crew alike.
  • We want to make this project accessible, and providing support for the costs of travel and accommodation will ensure that the opportunity is open to students regardless of their personal financial background.
  • This project will help raise the visibility of theatre and arts at Collingwood College, making sure prospective students know that Collingwood is the place to be for student drama!
  • All of the money that comes from ticket sales will go towards supporting another Collingwood Woodplayers production at The Fringe in 2019! We want our project this year to support future generations of Collingwood students.


Using the Student Opportunities Fund, Collingwood College have agreed to match all donations for the first £2000 ! This means that your donation will have twice the impact !

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