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Getting UOM COMSOC To The Edinburgh Fringe

A place to donate to the University of Manchester Comedy Society's trip to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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This project received pledges on Sat 15 Jul 2017

the university of Manchester comedy society

We need your help (money) to get us to the Edinburgh Fringe so we can perform our very funny sketch show for two weeks.

Over the last six months, the twenty of us in the University of Manchester Comedy Society have been putting together an hour show filled with sketches to take to the Edinburgh Fringe. And we were successful in getting a slot! We have managed to get an hour space for two weeks (5th August - 18th August) in '52 Canoes Tiki Den' in the center of Edinburgh!

Why we need your support

We're going to be renting a house, which we'll fill with cast members coming and going from Edinburgh throughout the two weeks. We've kept our plans to the most minimum budget, as we're students and we're poor. This is an amazing opportunity for us and we've supported our own costs as far as we can, but we still need your help to make our show happen.

Our society

This society started only two years ago, and began with just a number of us sitting in a circle talking about comedy. However, in under two years the society grew into a place where people could perform, laugh, and try out new things with new people (performing two sketch shows in the process!) The weekly sketch meet ups for some helped them build up their confidence whilst for others it gave them the space to try out new material. Most importantly, it brought people together who would never have mixed otherwise - I mean a Physics Student and an American Studies Students doing a sketch about Gordon Ramsey accidentally walking onto a kids cooking show? It just wouldn't happen anywhere else!

It would really benefit us if you could donate generously because the first £500 of donations will be matched by the University, and help us achieve an experience most of us could only dream of when talking in a circle in the first year!

So please give generously, we really appreciate it!

And if you're coming to Edinburgh, come and see our show at '52 Canoes Tiki Den'! The show runs from 5th August-18th August - start time at 21:15.