Costume Interpretation degree show 2015

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Costume Interpretation degree show 2015
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A short summary of your project

There are 24 students on our course and all have been training for 3 years in costume making for Theatre and Film which has given us a very unique skill set. This includes tailoring, corsetry, millenary, dancewear and other methods of historical dress making. We are trying to raise £500 to put towards our final year degree show! The exhibition will showcase our 3 costumes that we have made over the past year. Each costume has involved extensive research, our own pattern crafting and a broad skill set. The show will run for 2 weeks and include and industry night which will give us an opportunity to introduced ourselves and our work to potential contacts and employers from the costume profession! 

Who are you?

We are Wimbledon College of Art - Costume Interpretation class of 2015! We are dedicated to our course and have worked hundreds of hours on each costume and would really appreciate the opportunity to showcase our hard work to the general public and members of the industry in a fabulous exhibition!

Your story

We have all created 3 costumes each over the past year, all of which start from a single image. From this we do extensive research to find the era of our image and the styles that surround it. This then gives us the opportunity to find pattern references for our image which we then draft to fit an actual model. Once the pattern pieces have been created we produce toiles (mock up) of the garment to make sure that we have the correct style, shape, era and fit. When we know the toiles are correct we then create the garment in top fabrics all of which we have to buy ourselves. The total expense of our costumes for the year is approximately £1000 per person! We will then have another fitting in the top fabrics to make sure the garment fits perfectly and then hand sewn finishes are applied and any decoration or other embellishments are added. As you can see a lot of work goes into each costume and we would therefore like to raise £500 to help us show this hard work to the industry and future employers! 

Where will the money go?

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If we reach our target of £500 the money will go towards helping to pay for the catalogues to help promote our work and the exhibition costs to showcase the work itself.


We will be giving a variety of rewards for different amounts of money donated!

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