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Where Art and Science Collide: local art meets local science to create a reaction unlike any other!

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This project received pledges on Sat 11 Mar 2017


We are S.T.E.M. Outreach Nottingham, a Student's Union society of PhD student volunteers at the University of Nottingham. Together we organise outreach and public engagement events across the city to help promote the importance of science, technology, engineering & maths.

Through these student-led projects, our aim is to help Nottingham science make an impact in the local community. We do this by providing exciting, interactive opportunities to engage people who might not normally have the opportunity to interact with science.

Our activities range from pub science evenings to science blogs, and video projects to interactive exhibitions at science fairs. Most notably, we run the Nottingham branch of the international annual Pint of Science Festival, which takes place every May (15th-18th May this year), simultaneously in more than 100 cities, across 12 different countries!

This year we are going bigger and better by bringing the Creative Reactions event to Nottingham!


The aim of the project is to establish a unique, annual event that complements the Pint of Science festival. Ultimately we want to make science, research and the arts more accessible to the public. The event aspires to bridge the gap of misunderstanding, misconception and complexity that exists between the reality of science research and the public’s perceptions of it; all through a fusion of science, art and entertainment.

This project will build on the success of the Nottingham Pint of Science festival, which attracted more than 800 members of the public from the ages of 12 – 78, across 13 independent events during the 2016 festival. Taking advantage of the popularity of the festival, the Creative Reactions event will see up to 20 local artists paired up with research scientists taking part in the festival.

In collaboration with their scientist, each artist will produce an exhibition piece inspired by the research that the scientist is bringing to the festival. The event will exhibit all final pieces, accompanied by talks from the scientists and artists responsible, along with other exciting activities. Through the Creative Reactions event, we will provide people of all ages with a chance to experience the unique result of seeing science and research through the eyes of art.


In order to achieve our project goals, we are allocating funds raised as follows:

  • Venue Hire (£2660): Nottingham Contemporary - A well-known, prestigious art venue, that offers excellent exhibition and event space, as well as an easily accessible and central location. As the hub of contemporary art in Nottingham, it makes an ideal host venue.
  • Support for artists (£400): Where possible, we would like to offer support to our collaborating artists for the time and resources they will be putting into the project.
  • Equipment & Logistics (£450): This will cover transport, consumables, audio-visual equipment & hanging/display costs.
  • Publicity (£700): You can’t have an event if no-one knows about it! We will be allocating a considerable portion of funds to boost our publicity efforts and reach our key audiences.

All donations received will go directly to the Creative Reactions project. Any unanticipated under-spend of funds will be put towards future Creative Reactions events.


As a team, we are all very passionate about sharing science with the world. However, as a team of volunteers on a not-for-profit project, we need your help to establish a legacy of science education in Nottingham that will continue to have an impact for years to come.

In return for your support, we are offering exclusive rewards as our way of saying thank you for being part of such an ambitious project. All donors will receive a public thank you at our Creative Reactions event and through social media.

If you are unable to sponsor us with a donation, fear not! You can still help us succeed by broadcasting this project through the social media buttons and sharing the bitlink found in the network tab above.

In fact, why not share it with everyone? A fusion of science and art is truly unique, educational and exciting, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make the Creative Reactions project a raging success!


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