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Completion Date: Tue 10 Oct 2017

Fitness Shaper Consulting

As a representative of green consumerism, fitness industry is the key industry of consumption upgrade in China. At present, the fitness industry is divided into the traditional model and new-type model by operation model. The development of the former started very early. Its operation model is more mature than the latter, able to provide consumers with comprehensive and standardized fitness services. Traditional fitness industry specifically can be divided into chain-type fitness clubs and small-scale fitness clubs. But its high price, lack of follow-up services and trainer mobility gradually exposed. On the one hand, the high price leads to the difficulty for the fitness trainers to sell new membership cards. On the other hand, the lack of follow-up services and trainer mobility also make the membership renewal rate lower overall. Therefore, the traditional fitness clubs begin to explore a way to optimize the business model and provide better services. While, new-type fitness industry that includes fitness studio and online fitness rises gradually, which develops new-type business model to solve the problems of traditional model. Fitness studio is established mainly by the senior trainers who have rich customer resources. Its scale of operation is small, and could offer high-quality personalized fitness services. Consumers can enjoy one-to-one service from senior personal trainers, which could help improve the loyalty of consumers.

We, Fitness Shaper devote ourselves to do fitness consulting, to help customers to explore fitness business, especially developing how to operate and managing fitness studio more effectively. We know there are a large number of experienced trainers who have been into this career for more than 5 years and been tired of job-hopping for better earning. According to Chinese fitness industry survey (2017), there is 15% of the fitness trainers wish that they have been engaged in training career all through, and 47% of them hope to run their own fitness studio. They need higher income and platform, and we can provide professional consultation. Moreover, we offer training courses and certifying personal trainers with UK certificate, which helps people to be professional in this field and push them to become our potential customers in the future. In terms of our target market group, one of the target group is people who have much training experience and want to build own fitness studio but without any knowledge of studio management; the other group is young people who just graduated from sports school and need some professional certificates to support their career in the future.


Chinese fitness industry survey. (2017). Analysis of the development of China's commercial fitness industry in 2017. Available from: [Access: 01/08/2017]

FAQ (1) About the product

1, I live in China, so How to get a UK fitness instructor qualification certificate?

We will specifically hire coaches to train you in a systematic way to help you get a senior coaching certificate from the British authority. Through face to face teaching at local place or in the UK, we also offer long-distance teaching (Online courses) to support your learning and the related certificate can be sent to your place.

2, In the early stages, will you help run a fitness studio?

Yes, we will. And we will have special management consultants to track and participate in customer management and decision-making. And put forward the suggestion of operation and development of personal fitness studio to avoid customer management problems. In the early stages, through our consultants and your regular communication and consultation, to help the rapid development of fitness studio.

3, What are specific problems you can solve with your management model?

For the fitness studio entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is not fitness professional skills, but the knowledge of business management. Many fitness trainers face a lot of trouble when they go out of the large big chain of gym to start their own fitness studio. For example, site selection, capital, equipment purchase and staff management. And the most important issue is how to sell to attract members. Through consultation, we will help you design specific solutions to solve these difficulties encountered in the creation of personal fitness studio. Additionally, we will introduce the UK advanced gym management model and professional coach qualification certificate which can help you or your fitness trainer staff further improve the professional abilities.

FAQ (2) About the perks

4, How can I get your consulting service if it’s inconvenient for me to do face to face communication?

Our consulting model has oral consultation and written consultation. If your time is not available, we can provide information, data or solutions in writing according to your requirements. And you can also communicate via video on the Internet.

FAQ (3) About the campaign or business

5, If your crowndfunding is not as good as expected before, what is your contingence plan?

Firstly, we will do our best to raise money for supporting our business, if the negative results come up, we will not give up! and our contingence plans depends on what situation happened on the crowdfunding, if the funding for crowdfunding is missing a small part, we will improve it through our friends and family. If there is a lack of support for a large portion of the funds, we will use our own management expertise and knowledge of the fitness industry to continue our business, which means we will rebuild our target addressable market according to our capacity.