Delicious Theatre: 'The Best Play Ever'

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Delicious Theatre: 'The Best Play Ever'
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Delicious Theatre is once again returning to the Fringe with our 5* play 'The Best Play Ever' written by Joe Large and Lucio Gray!

Set deep in the dungeons of a medieval royal palace, two strangers, the Crown Polisher and the Horn Blower have been framed for the murder of Eric the Jester and have been condemned by King Louis to write the best play ever or they face execution by royal blade. To begin with they clash terribly – the Horn Blower is loud and boisterous while the Crown Polisher remains quiet and unassuming. Their imprisonment forces them to collaborate and even question why they are in prison in the first place. And who knows, maybe they even write a play.

“Delicious Theatre had the audience rolling about in their seats with laughter for the entire hour-long performance."

“I rarely find myself hoping a play will not end, but this was one where the final bow made me truly leave wanting more.”

Emily Lawford, EdFringe Review



Constance Kampfner, EdFringe Review

After last year’s success we’re heading back to the fringe! But we need YOUR help to get there!

If you didn’t get the chance to see this spectacular show last year (or even if you did – lucky you! ) fear not! You’ll have the chance again! From the 20th – 25th of August we’ll be at TheSpace on The Mile! But only if YOU help us get there!


We are a Manchester theatre company founded in 2017 by three actors, two producers and a director (our very own Joe Large, Lucio Gray, Charlie Diver, Sophie Graci, Katie O’Toole and Emily Oulton!) from The University of Manchester undergraduate Drama course. We produce exciting and innovative productions of both new writing and published pieces, attempting to subvert audience expectations and play with genre.

We began last year with our first ever production of “The Best Play Ever” taking place in the basement of Solomon’s Cafe Bar, before taking the plunge and going up to the Edinburgh Fringe with it in August 2017. We received 5* reviews, had a few sold out shows and are continuing to develop and explore this play on our return to the fringe!

As well as returning to Edinburgh with “The Best Play Ever” this year, we’ve expanded our company beyond the founding members and are also taking the plunge with a large-scale musical: “Little Shop of Horrors”.


The majority of our company are graduating in July so this will be our initial step in establishing ourselves as a professional company in Manchester as graduates! We want to continue making exciting and innovative new theatre, pushing boundaries and having fun while we do it! By donating you’ll be helping us to reach that goal and we really do appreciate all your support!

We’re all incredibly exCited to be returning to the Fringe with this production, but going up to the Fringe is super expensive and we’re looking to raise £1100 to get us there!

This will cover:

Venue Costs: £648

Insurance: £89

Registration Fees: £204

Flyers/Posters: £95

Set: £50

And any additional costs that we might need!

We'll keep you updated on how our fundraising is going!

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We’d be incredibly grateful for anything you can donate! We’ve even got some delicious rewards for you to check out if you want to donate!

Even if you can’t donate, any help is hugely appreciated! Share this page around! Tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbour’s cat? Tell the person on the checkout at Sainsbury’s! Tell everyone you meet on a night out (including the bouncers!) Tell everyone you know and we’ll see you at the fringe!