Contemporary Creative Algorithms

Packets of multi dimensional trajectory

Contemporary Creative Algorithms
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Completion Date: Fri 02 Aug 2019

Contemporary creative Algorithms 

Reality may actually be constructed of three interlocking parts rather than the separation of mind and matter as Cartesian dualism proposes. How might the algorithms capitalism produces consume both the creative processes of humans and the natural environment our consciousness has arisen in. 

I have been accepted onto a Part time PHD at the royal college of art, within the research group entanglement. This practice based PHD aims to gain a wider understanding of the links between the arts and sciences by uncovering the shared nature of their philosophical concerns. How these shared philosophical concerns may be at odds with capitalism drive to produce profit. I am interested in how the term algorithms can be applied to these occurrences, tracing from where an algorithms output manifests itself. What shared processes are there in the construction of algorithms, theories and practices. 

The interest that led me to algorithms is the notion that they produce unexpected results. These unexpected results currently can be seen most visibly and urgently to us in the transference of information between humans and machines. I am interested in exploring the premise that what occurs in these processes constitutes a dimensional change in operation, that creativity produces unexpected outcomes that are not always measurable by the standards of the original idea of its creation. What I have found several times during my research is that these ideas lead me back to some classic philosophical concerns - here I find similarities with Rene Descartes’ Causal principle which implies that the source of an idea can be different in category to the thing an idea represents, in other words, that there can be significant discrepancy between the content of ideas and their cause in reality, a dimensional change.

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currently the fees are £2000 a year, and around £1000 on travel expenses.


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