Chakshudaa’s Master’s in wildlife conservation fund

Help me in pursuing my passion to conserve wildlife and spread its awareness by contributing toward

Chakshudaa’s Master’s in wildlife conservation fund
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Completion Date: Tue 01 May 2018

what is this for?

I am raising money to fund my Master's in Wildlife Conservation which I believe, will equip me to be a part of the hard-working team of conservationists who are putting great effort into conserving our planet.

whom are you funding?

I am an overseas student from India and am currently in my final year of university in the United Kingdom. I have been known to be a joyous, energetic and positive spirited individual. I absolutely enjoy helping other people and love challenges!

my story

I started a new phase of my life in September 2015, when I moved to Chester, United Kingdom to do my Bachelor's. Since the start of my course I have found myself to only develop skills in both life as well as in the field of animal behaviour and wildlife conservation.

why am i raising money now?

The reason I was able to move to UK in 2015 was because my family's income at that point was relatively high, thanks to my parents. After three months into university however, due to unforeseen circumstances, my dad had to change jobs. Dad's job was the reason why my family could send me abroad. With a change in jobs, Dad's income had reduced by 80%, I kid you not! As an immediate response I offered to go back to India immediately, to which my parents responded saying that they had kept savings aside for a rainy day. Those savings however were mostly exhausted in the first year itself after which other members of my family and extended family started pitching in  to help my parents and me. Somehow, God has been good and I have managed to make it to final year here at University of Chester.I realised that my passion,hard work and commitment to the the field of wildlife welfare/conservation  did not go unnoticed when I was offered the opportunity to continue my Master's in Wildlife Conservation here itself. However, my family do not have the money that is required to both, pay my tuition fee for the course itself along with showing proof of living expenses to obtain a visa.

why is this such a necessity?

As a child, I would spend a lot of my time with various animals of which some were dogs, birds, turtles,bugs and butterflies. I was always fascinated by their uniqueness and wanted to understand why they did what they did better, hence my current bachelor's in Animal Behaviour. In the past two years I have understood the importance of creating awareness about the need to conserve wildlife in several parts of the world.The staff here are well experienced and have taught me plenty on communicating with non-science public, conservation strategies, research needs and  importance of wildlife in our ecosystem that is, the Earth. I want to be able to contribute toward research that helps conservation strategies be successful and those teams that make the world understand why it is that we need to care for and save our wildlife. Obtaining a Master's in Wildlife conservation will enable me be more qualified to be able to pursue my goal. As a donor, you will be able to (I know its very indirectly) help the wildlife and more directly, help me help wildlife.

Where will the money go?

  • If I am able to raise the minimum target, the amount will go toward my tuition fee (£10,000), a third of the living expenses I need to show the government for my visa (£3045) and the rest towards the rewards I send out including postage.
  • On hitting the full target, I will be able to pay my tuition fee, show the full living expenses required as per visa guidelines, be able to pay for the actual visa application itself and the rewards again.
  • If all goes well and I am left with more money than I need, I will want to give half of it back to the community through pledges and put the rest in my savings for my PhD, which will be my next step toward reaching my goal.


With help from my wonderful family back in India, I am excited to let you know that on donating money, you will receive a gift of thanks from there! Do not worry about postage, I go home in Easter break for my sister's wedding and will be bringing back gifts with me which, I am really hoping to send out!

word of mouth

I understand that not everyone is able to donate and all I ask is if you could please spread word to your family,friends and colleagues. I was given a few doubtful looks when I mentioned the idea of raising money for my Masters, I believe that word of mouth is a very strong way to spread any kind of information and I cannot help but have faith that things will work out.