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Some effects pedals are better than others. This one's possessed.

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This project received pledges on Sat 29 Jun 2019


I'm raising some money to help fund my latest film. It's called Doombox, and it's about a guy who buys an old guitar effects pedal while hunting for the perfect sound, only to find it's possessed. We've all been there, right?

This film will be my dissertation project for the masters course I've been sitting this past year. It's my aim to come out of this course with one strong film I can show to a few film festivals, and see what happens.

The money will mostly pay my up-and-coming cast for their talents and train fare. If you can't contribute financially, then even just sharing the link to this page will help!

Who aM I?

I'm Max, I'm a film maker, musician, and owner of Deiode, a guitar effects pedal company, so you know I've done my research for this project.

I've shot a few music videos, made several ads for Deiode, and filmed a bunch of stuff for Uni.

I love making films, and if you want to help me make more, then I love you, too.


It's called Doombox. It's a short (10 mins or so). It's a rock'n'roll horror. It's the result of spending most of a life immersed in "band culture".

If you're in a band, and especially if you're a pedal nerd, you'll probably see yourself in this film.

If the closest you've been to a band is being handed a flyer outside a club, this film will be a window into a new world, albeit one which has been massively exaggerated for dramatic effect.


Director / Writer / DP / Editor : Max Hicks

Sound Recordist : Sean McAlinden-Barber

Assistant Editor : Kevin Stachowicz

Where will the money go?

  • Acting Talent (approx. £300)
  • Travel (approx. £100)
  • Props (approx. £100)

Any money this project makes over the minimum will be spent on better production value for the film itself (make-up artistry, costume, better quality props, etc.) and probably some food and drink for the cast and crew. I've asked for the minimum here to make the goal more achievable.


It didn't make sense to invent a bunch of rewards that would cost any real money because then you'd be contributing money just to have a chunk of that money spent on your reward for contributing money.

So instead, I'm offering a digital download of the finished film for anything over a fiver, posters for £20 (artwork TBD), an Executive Producer credit for £100 or more, and the actual one-of-a-kind (working) pedal from the film for £250. All contributors will get thanks in the credits.

Find ME ON...

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Help ME succeed!

Thank you if you've read this far, true believer. If you choose to contribute, then I'm forever grateful. If you can't spare the money, then you can help just by sharing this project on twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, snapchat, linkedin, word documents, high score tables, and word of mouth.

See you on the other side, M.x