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This project received pledges on Mon 26 Mar 2018

key stats

Number of students that will benefit: 473 (42 in Nursery, 431 in Primary)

Age of students: 4-12

% eligible for free school meals: 42%

our school

Dunblane Primary School and Nursery are in the Stirling Council area and we are one of three primary schools in Dunblane. We enjoy being part of an active community who support us in so many different ways. You might have heard of Dunblane before as we have several world-class sportspeople and we even have a golden post box.

our project

What do you want?

We would like some robots for children of all ages in our school.

Code-a-pillars (Nursery) : these will introduce technology to the younger children in our community.  They will help them with direction, colour, instructions and sequencing.

Ozobot Bits (P1-P4) : these will develop the technology progression of our students. They will continue to develop their learning of direction, colour, instructions and sequencing. (P4/5 have just completed their learning on angles using the 2 Ozobots that the school already have!)

Ozobot Evo (P4-P7) : the Evo will take our students' learning to the next level. It will introduce coding and we can make use of the additional functionality that the Evo offers.

Makebot mBot : these will offer the children a different coding language to experience.

Who is this for?

We believe that the whole School including the Nursery could benefit from being introduced to technology that focuses on creativity and coding, and that everyone will have a positive learning experience.

Why do you want it?

These resources will support the Digital Learning Progression through the Nursery and School.

Last year our school was given 2 Ozobots Bits and this year Primary 4/5 have really made use of them. This has made P4/5 realise how beneficial STEM resources can be to all of our learning. The Ozobots have also been used by our Coding Club and Fantastic Friday groups who have enjoyed learning how the Ozobots work. The children have been sharing their learning with each other and using trial and error to get the Ozobots to move around their maps.

P4/5 have discussed how their technology skills have developed this year and that using these STEM resources has helped to create a fun and engaging experience. We have also been able to use the technology to support our learning in other curricular areas as well as applying the skills, such as teamwork and resilience, that we have developed across the curriculum. We have the evidence of many Ozobot maps that have not worked first time but that only encouraged us to try again and learn from others.


2 x Code-a-pillar @ £54.99 each = £113.93 (inc £3.95 delivery)


3 x Ozobot Bit (2 pack) @ £88.87 each = £266.61


9 x Ozobot Evo @ £89.92 each = £809.28

https://www.robotshop.com/uk/ozobot-evo-interactive-robot-crystal-white.html and https://www.robotshop.com/uk/ozobot-evo-interactive-robot-titanium-black.html

4 x Makebot mBot @ £84.43 each = £337.72


Subtotal: £1527.54

Credit card fees (2%): £30.55

Grand total: £1558.09


P4/5 have worked hard at producing this application. We have done this by applying for jobs in the communication, marketing, planning and the design and reward team to get our work done. We hope that you can support us so that we can reach our target and all the children in the Nursery and School can have the same experience as we have had this year.

Feel free to share with your friends and family and send this even wider to include former pupils of Dunblane Primary School. Every penny counts and it will give you a good feeling too!