Dust: Recycled matter of the universe

Art and Science Collaboration in the Atacama Desert

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Dust:Recycled Matter of the Universe

We have been offered an opportunity to collaborate as brother and sister, astronomer and sculptor on a unique artist residency in the Atacama Desert in Chile. However, Elliot being a recent graduate living in Brighton and Emily, an artist working with children in a primary school in South London together our finances are making the chance to accept the opportunity much more difficult. 

We are hoping to raise funds to be able to join La Wayaka for an expedition in the Atacama Desert, Chile in October 2018.

La Wayaka is a non-profit organisation that gives space and time to artists/creative thinkers in three remote locations (Tropic, Arctic and Desert) they want to engage artists in socio-political and environmental discussions, bringing awareness to a larger audience through site-responsive projects. The total cost for the residency is £3400 (we have managed to pay the deposit already) we are hoping to raise the rest while we will save for the cost of air travel to Chile.

Break Down of Costs (for two persons)

Accommodation/Work Space: 

£840 (£40 Per Day) x 2 people = £1680

Food /Water:

£441 (£21 Per Day) x 2 people = £882

Local Transfer To/From Airport in Calama:

£84 (£42 x2 Trips) x 2 people = £168

1-2 Hr Curated Talks/Activities with Local Collaborators + Translation:

£105 (£35 Per Session x 3 Sessions) x 2 people = £210

Local Managers (Creative + Technical Support/Advice):

£630 (£30 Per Day) x 2 people = £1260

Research Trips (Entrance Fees, Translator, Logistics (Transport etc.):

£300 (£60 Per Trip x 5 Trips) x 2 people = £600

Total = £4800

Minus Financial Aid from La Wayaka = £1400 (£700 Per Person)

Total = £3400

Why the Atacama? 

This particular opportunity is key to our work, but also to our personal development as Chile is our mother’s country, the home of much of our family. We descend from the Colipí family, a Mapuche tribe. Considering the etymology of Mapuche 'Mapu' = Land, 'Che' = People, it feels inherent for us to co-create in this particular environment. 

We have named the project Dust: Recycled Matter of the Universe, where we plan to travel to the desert to explore each other’s practice. With Emily’s sculptures being inherently grounded, and Elliot’s research seemingly intangible; we propose to fuse this parallel through a new series of works. During our trip we will have the opportunity to work with, and, learn from the Atacama’s indigenous people; learning traditions and utilising natural materials. 


As Emily’s work has already begun commenting on anthropology, identity and heritage, this opportunity will become the next big fuel for her future works, opening up new possibilities for future exhibitions and collaborations.

As an ambitious, young astronomer, visiting such an important astronomical location will change the course of Elliot’s career. The opportunity to meet astronomers and researchers in this particular location will open up a whole new network of very important specialists in Elliot’s field. 

All donations big or small will help us reach our goal! We completely understand about being tight for money so you don't need to give money to help us succeed, by sharing our project with anyone you think could help financially via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Phone etc. will really help too! All rewards for donations will be sent out special delivery upon return from Chile. 

Thank you for your support!

Emily and Elliot