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Completion Date: Tue 04 Oct 2016

1) Narrative Description (value proposition)Pains

Practicing sport regularly is what most people want to do to be fit, the real pain is when a sporty person stopped practicing sport for a while due to some reasons that can’t be managed, so then, sport become as a task can be postponed. Here are some anticipated reasons: travel, work pressure, high expenses, loss of motivations, and unavailability of sport teammate. In order to get back to sport practicing after taking a month or more of rest, the person needs certain self-motivation power or a mate who could support, so in this case, sport can’t be played alone with highly efficiency level as if group playing.


- To have an effective social way that keep person practicing sport wherever and whenever on the same costs.

- To have affordable workflow systems for sports centres on monthly basis which in which expanding customer segmentation to network rang

Customer jobs

When looking for sports centre to get subscribed, try to choose centres with e-fitness membership to ensure getting great social services. 

Gain Creators

e-Fitness social activities that increasing sports offers and sharing the happiness would keep creating new value. Whereas, updated sport centres directory with location map to connect customers with suitable centres while travelling.

Pain Relievers

It is an important to be part in fast growing sport social network with a lot of interests for wide range of customers. This participation allows people to have many options for their needs.

Products & services

e-Fitness provides workflow system as a software product for sports centres, this product can be utilized as cornerstone to keep all work process centralized. Therefore, the services can be integrated with many benefits at minimum costs. For example, centres can have an updatable page on the e-fitness social network liked with class calendar, events, and other information which irregular basis needs for someone to be dedicated for updating task.

In order to grow business into multiple branches, the risk assessment would be taken into considerations seriously. The best can be offered by e-Fitness is allowing for independent small and medium centres to have an opportunity for network business with no risk to be taken. In other words, a customer who registered in centre (member in e-fitness) with no other physical branches can have access to all e-fitness member.

2) Lists of FAQs you anticipate your backers may ask:


There are three stakeholders in this project, this include independent gyms, people using the gym and people donating fund.


Independent gyms may ask about how they can use username and password to access the system and how they can solve an issue which is related to e-Fitness connectivity platform. Also, independent gyms can ask e-Fitness to train their staff in order to use the system.


The gym users may ask e-Fitness for more clarification about their subscriptions, whether to pay extra money to e-Fitness in order to be able to be a member and use the facilities of different sport centres throughout the world. They may ask if it is possible to be a member of e-Fitness network and use the system without subscribe to any independent gym. Furthermore they may ask if they are not able to access the system due to technical errors who they will contact.


The fund donors may ask about how they will be rewarded if they have given a big amount of money and how is it going to be distributed to them. Also, if they will have a free subscription for a certain period, then, who will offer this to them as e-Fitness provide only platform to independent gyms.


3) Different reward categories and their value:


E-Fitness will reward two stakeholders which are independent gyms and fund donors.

Independent gyms will have special discount on annual membership and customer loyalty program offers. The discount that will be given to any independent gyms member of e-Fitness will depend on the type of contract that they have signed. These discount offers are ranging from 10 to 20%. For a customer loyalty programs, e-Fitness will provide a free offer for up to one year for any independent gym which was loyal and active members for at least five years.

Fund donors e-Fitness will contact any independent gym that is part of its network and get special discount for the fund donors if they want to subscribe for themselves or any of their family members. Also, e-Fitness T-shirt with logo will be distributed to fund donors.