Innovative approach to match and connect clients with a global digital workforce of professionals
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Completion Date: Fri 28 Oct 2016

What is

An innovative approach to match and connect small businesses with a global digital workforce of professional freelancers and vice versa.

Background to the project

The idea is to provide small businesses that are under-resourced with freelancers who are willing to perform temporary work in a timely manner as a service provider.

By building this professional website, our mission is to help freelancers find work with the power of one click. Our company wants to change the way freelancers find work and make it more faster, easier and safer. The innovative platform will match and connect both parties with their minimum efforts. It will give clients access to a pool of wide variety of professionals and vice versa. It also will give freelancer a wide range of job opportunities. No other platform has the features we intend on add which gives us competitive advantage.

Market research and financial forecasts both suggest that the business would be viable and worthwhile. 

We believe that in a world we live today,  people change their jobs more frequently, such platform could result in an economic revolution through the developing world. We see freelancers as the vanguards of this because, the internet is the biggest tectonic shift the world has ever seen. We want to empower them and give them a whole new universe of clients to work with in any field, at any time and on their own pay rates.

The launch...

The website is set to launch in October 2016. We will initially try to attract customers by targeting the freelance community and small businesses on the internet using social media strategy. We will make it easy and fast for them to start working within our platform to maximise their comfort and convenience. The business will profit from charging customers for the service provided. Breakeven is anticipated to occur by the 5th each month.

Where will the money go? 

We are seeking an investment of £2,000 to cover the costs of the prototype. It will be the unfinished product which we would launch on the market. The reason behind is that tech companies often do this so they can then focus on feedback provided from customers. This will allow us to further improve the platform aligned with customers’ needs. 

Thank you!