EdBots for All Saints

Enable us to use exciting physical computing in the classroom

EdBots for All Saints
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key stats

Number of students that will benefit: 226 (whole school)

Age of students: 3-11

% eligible for free school meals: 9%

about us

We are a lovely one form entry school in Fulham, London. We enjoy computing and learning to code. Therefore we would love the opportunity to put our coding skills into practice through physical computing... and what better way to do this than through robots!

We want to be able to purchase an Edbot dream pack, where we can build our own robots and program them using the coding we learn. Ideally we would love to also purchase our very own Edbot robot. The whole school would benefit from this across a wide range of subjects.

The Edbot Dream Kits

Edbot Dream is a STEAM-oriented robotics system, where we can build many different robots from the same kit, and code each of them using Scratch. The system includes speech support, four code-able sensors, and a music-making function for amazing flexibility and hours of fun.

We can code Edbot Dream using Scratch, running on Windows, Raspberry Pi, and Mac. An upgrade to enable coding in Python, Javascript and other languages, plus multi-user capability, is also available.

Edbot robot

Edbot is a humanoid robot programmed using Scratch, Python, Javascript, plus many other languages.

Based on the best-selling Robotis Mini, Edbot is inspiring kids to learn coding in schools and code clubs all over the world.

Edbot runs on Windows, Raspberry Pi, and Mac. The software includes speech support and an innovative motion capture function for users to create their own movements.

Designed for classroom use, teaching resources are provided. To ensure that all students are engaged equally, the software also includes a unique multi-user function that allows teachers to assign control of Edbot to any PC on the network. The opportunity to take charge of Edbot using their own code provides everyone in the class with the incentive to complete code-writing tasks.

The same function allows different coding languages to be used simultaneously. Switching between Scratch and Python, for example, is as easy as switching from one user to another. This allows for side-by-side lessons for advancing students.

More information can be found at http://ed.bot/

Where your money goes

We would like to purchase:

Edbot Dream Classroom Pack @ £298.80

  • 1 x Edbot Dream Pro Edition

Edbot @ £958.80

  • Fully assembled Humanoid Robot
  • Multiple User (networked)
  • Code in Scratch, Python, Javascript and other languages
  • Carrying case
  • Teaching resources


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