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Completion Date: Fri 11 Aug 2017


Ecovon believe that there is a better way of making building materials. That is why we are focusing our energy on completely rethinking and re-designing how the new generation of building materials is made. Ecovon are developing sustainably sourced, newly engineered wood made from coconut husk and sugar cane bagasse, supplying the global market with a formaldehyde-free bio-based wood alternative that are better for people and planet.


In the green building industry there is currently no bio-based paneling board made from 100% natural bio based fibers without added resin (glues), let alone a 100% natural flame retardant panel.Urea formaldehyde used as synthetic binder in wood based panel board is been considered by WHO as human carcinogen which has health related risks such as cancer, leukemia, watery eyes, burning sensation of the (eyes, nose and throat), coughing, nausea and skin irritation on the end users or customers


Ecovon will bring the first non-additive, bio-based, renewable wood product to market which is naturally flame retardant and anti-fungal without added binders (glues). The physical properties are better than comparable engineered woods on the market currently, all which use additives and heavy chemicals to reach additional flame retardant properties while reducing our CO2 footprint, deforestation and enriching the lives of locals in coconut and sugarcane producing developing countries such as Ghana. The board material has been shown to exhibit excellent properties, which are comparable with or even superior to commercial wood based panels. Our product is stronger and more durable, priced considerably less, and greener