Conflict Free Electronics Info-motion Campaign

Campaign to raise awareness of the situation in The Democratic Republic of Congo

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This project received pledges on Wed 20 Mar 2013

Project Details

This year I wanted to get involved in a project were I could use my skills to help out a good cause, I came across the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and decided to help out. I have spent the last 3 months researching and planning a project to create an infographic animation about the Congo, focusing on the exportation of conflict minerals which are being used to finance civil war. 

My aim is to raise awareness of conflict minerals used in electronics and to encourage people to apply pressure on electronic companies to improve their supply chains, by cutting out conflict minerals sourced from rebels, with the hope to bring stability to the Congo.

I have contacted Amnesty International about donating my project; they were very interested, and mentioned that they would happily use the finished animation on their website to help raise awareness of the situation in the Congo. This was great news and it has proven to be great motivation for me.

I have developed my script from a Congolese perspective and found a voice actor I wish to hire because of his clear and authentic accent. However, he comes at a price, and I cannot develop my project until I have a recorded voice to work my visuals with. The voice-over can make or break a project like this so it is important to get the perfect person for the job.

My deadline to have the animation completed by is May 23rd, which I will then be reconnecting with Anmesty to give them the animation.

The campaign will also be featured in my end of year exhibition and the New Designers exhibition in London at the beginning of July.


Below is a short clip of the proposed visual style for the animation. Please check it out!


Can you help?

This would be where you might be able to help me out! I would be very grateful if you can sponsor my project and this cause, The money you sponsor will go towards  hiring the perfect voice actor for my campaign and covering the cost of exhibition fees.

I would really appreciate if you could share this with your friends to help me reach my goal.

Thank you for your time,