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I have decided to take a year off from my studies to be a student missionary for the 2017-2018 school year. I have been given the opportunity to serve in Pucallpa, Peru where I will be working in a medical clinic and conducting medical evangelism at AMOR projects. Amor is Spanish for love, and that is what my mission will be - to show the people I come in contact with the love of Jesus Christ.

All Southern Adventist University student missionaries are expected to help raise funds to support the Student Missions program. I need your help to send me and other student missionaries so we can serve around the world. Would you please consider supporting the Student Mission program at Southern and helping me reach my goal of $4,580?

Who am I?

I am a biology pre-med student at Southern Adventist University. I come from a big family, with a lot of love. In addition to the love I experienced in my home, I learned of the love of my heavenly Father. I strive to live my life reflecting the love that I have been shown, and that is why I am serving. If you would like to know anything else about me, feel free to ask!

Why go?

Growing up, adults always told me that if I read my Bible and prayed that my relationship with Jesus would grow and flourish. They were right, no doubt, but there came a time when I felt empty in my religion. I was missing a crucial aspect of religion, which is service. Keeping your religion to yourself can only take you so far. There comes a point when you have to be bold, step out into the unknown and take God at His word. He doesn't call us to be church goers, but instead calls us to go preach, teach, make disciples, and to care for orphans and widows. This is why I choose to serve.

How you can help

First of all, I need your prayers to prepare my heart and those of the people I will come in contact with. Secondly, I need your financial support. Your support today will make it possible for me and other student missionaries serve around the world. Lastly, please share this website and my blog website so that more people can contribute and together we can achieve this goal.

All gifts on this page will support the Student Missions program at Southern Adventist University.

Follow my adventures

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Check out my blog -

I am aiming to post on my blog at least once every week or two depending on the internet situation where I am going. As my family and friends, I want you all to be a part of my mission experience, so feel free to visit my blog often to stay aware of what is going on in my life as a student missionary.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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