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Football4Peace - Gambia 2019 - Emily Seymour

Using sport to teach everyday values to the children of The Gambia

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This project received pledges on Fri 01 Nov 2019

THE project

I'm raising £800 to travel to The Gambia with the University of Brighton through the Football 4 Peace programme. During this trip, I will be coaching using the F4P values, which include equity, inclusion, respect, trust and responsibility. Football 4 Peace (F4P) is a multi-dimensional research, education and social engagement platform that utilises sport innovatively to deliver bespoke ‘values-based’ palliative training and coaching programmes designed in and for areas suffering from high levels of cross-community conflict and various forms of political disorder and social disintegration.

About me

My name is Emily Seymour and I am currently studying Physical Education with QTS at the University of Brighton. My goal is to become a teacher of Physical Education who enhances and makes a positive change to pupils at school. This Football4Peace project will give me an extra set of skills that will enable to to achieve my goal whilst allowing me to enhance the lives of others.

The story

Football4Peace is an important initiative as it allows those who would never usually have access to something like this to be a part of an exciting scheme that keeps the children active, whilst teaching them values that will have a positive impact on their future lives. 

Recently, myself and the other F4P coaches ran a football festival in Falmer for over 100 children from 6 different local schools. This involved the children mixing up their schools and working in new teams to play fun games whilst learning the F4P values. By the end of the day, all of the children were working together whilst playing football and respecting our values. Overall, it was an amazing experience to see the children come so far in just one day of using the Football4Peace methodology. 

where will the money go?

The £800 i hope to raise will cover the travel to and from the Gambia, accommodation whilst I am there and the equipment to carry out the project. This means that the money donated will go towards impacting the lives of children who can have an overall better quality of life through the utilisation of the Football4Peace program. The more that is raised, the more equipment we can bring to the children of the Gambia.


Please take a look at some of the rewards available for supporting this project. I would love to share my journey with you!

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a big thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read about my project and donating. The difference your money will make to the children of The Gambia as well as myself will be incredible!