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Starting applications but already know I can't afford all the expences. Will you help me?

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Completion Date: Mon 03 Jul 2017

My project

Hello everyone,I'm here because I would like to apply for my master degree in Environmental Engineering in UK the next year but I already know I can't afford all the costs so I'm planning to take a loan but I will need also your help.

Who I am

My name is Lisa and I come from the north of Italy. I was born in 1993 in Lovere, a small village lying on the shores of Lake Iseo. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. They are both workers in factories and never moved from the place where they grew up. They didn’t study (not even attended the high school) and maybe that’s why it looks like it is so hard for them to understand that it would be very useful for me to do such an experience in the UK, both for the opportunity to learn better the language and for the higher level of the educational system. In any case, they could not support me that much economically so it still would have been hard to do what I’m planning to do.

My story

Nobody in my whole family had gone to university before: nor my aunts or uncles, nor my cousins nor my sister and obviously not my parents. When I decided to enroll in my bachelor degree here in Italy, my father didn’t want me to go because he was sure it would have been only a waste of time and money. But I had always been quite good at school and I was sure it would have been a shame not to do that. Luckily my mother helped me to convince him so that I could start university. I did my bachelor in biotechnology because I was fascinated by nature and by science and I didn’t have the opportunity to study them when I was at the high school.

Tough I never studied anything related to biology or chemistry or physics at the high school, I did very well at university: I won scholarships so that I could pay food and accommodation by myself through all my bachelor and I graduated with distinction (110/110L).

Unfortunately, Italy is one of the slowest European countries to recover from the crisis. I saw people with a master degree or a PhD in biotechnology in their 30’s which found it really hard to find a job and if they did, it was for short periods and with a low salary. I got really scared. Moreover, I realized I didn’t have the passion for research which is necessary to overcome all the hard work needed to make a living in that field. I started to think that I probably made the wrong choice. Everything broke up. After graduation, I thought it would have been better to take some time to think about what to do next.

I decided to start an Erasmus training in a microbiology laboratory in Spain to open my mind and see if working as a researcher abroad could be a solution. Well, the answer was no, also because laboratory work didn’t excite me at all.

I decided to start thinking about which are my values, about what is important for me and what could be the best thing to do. I reached the conclusion that I really hate to see people being selfish, unfair and worrying only about money, making other people and the whole planet suffer. For example, three out of four of my grandparents died of cancer at a relatively young age and I don’t think it is simply a coincidence. I thought: “what’s the meaning of doing research on new therapies to fight cancer if first we don’t remove the causes of the illness like pollution?” That’s how I decided I had to do something which is related to the environment and to the green economy as today we are realizing all the mistakes we have done starting from the industrial revolution and it’s time to change. I realized that maybe the job that better fits my values and my attitudes is the environmental engineer but it was impossible to do such a master here in Italy with my bachelor in biotechnology.

I started to think about going and study abroad but I didn’t know how to do it without help. So, I decided to enrol in an international master in “Resource Economics and Sustainable Development” at the university of Bologna hoping to find a practical and focused approach on environmental issues. Here I’m studying the economic aspect of sustainability which is interesting but is not really what I was expecting, also because I got a much more scientific background and I was looking for something more technical. Here the university is giving me the opportunity to follow an extra English class in preparation for the IELTS for free which is great as it is necessary for doing an application abroad.

I continued to check on the internet, talk to people and I learned about the loans and realized that my bachelor fits the requirements for the application to some environmental engineering masters in the UK. However, I did some calculations and I saw that for most of the universities I found  the money I can get from the loans, which are no more than 10500£, won’t be enough for a one-year master.

I would really like to be able to help other people one day and do a job that gives me a kind of “mission”. I think that if many of you could give me a little help, which may require a small effort from you, it will generate a huge change in my life and I hope I could do something for other people too one day.

Some calculations

I considered the application to the following universities. Nearby I reported for everyone an estimation of the costs of taxes and accommodation together plus 2.500£, which is the estimated cost for living there for one year. I then subtracted the loan to the sum of all the costs so that I obtained the estimation of the missing money. The universities are reported from the less to the most expensive.

1) Napier University (9.526£  + 2.500£ - 10.500£ = 1.526£). 2) Queen’s Belfast University (9.973£  + 2.500£ - 10.500£ = 1.973£) 3) University of Nottingham (12.526£ + 2.500£ - 10.500£ = 4.526£). 3) University of Leeds (13.404£ + 2.500£ - 10.500£ = 5.404£). 4) Newcastle University (15.654£ + 2.500£ - 10.500£ = 7.654£)

I will keep you updated with all the passages: applications, answer and final decisions. In case things will go wrong, I’ll give you all the donations back.


Surely, we all heard about the story that says that a small butterfly flying on the other side of the world can cause a hurricane right here. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I think that many Monarch butterflies flying together in the heart of Mexico can rise a strong wind and, most important, can put on a wonderful show. I hope to see such a show right here!

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