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Completion Date: Sat 03 Jun 2017

Our aim is to put powerful tools that help you make smarter purchasing decisions in the palm of your hand.

As long as it makes sense economically, corporations and manufacturers will continue to cut corners - with devastating effects on workers and the planet.  Our app empowers you as a consumer to change this.

About us

Our team includes a UN Global Goals Champion, the founder of Hanoi Environmental Group, an Oxford graduate and experts in design, media and computer science.

All united by a single mission: to leverage consumer power to change the world!

About our app

With eQuality any smartphone can scan a barcode and instantly obtain a rating based on a number of criteria, including how the manufacturer treats its workers and addresses its environmental impact.

If what you’re scanning doesn’t meet your standards, you can use eQuality to find and purchase more ethical alternatives.

Where will your money go?

We are incredibly grateful for any donation you can give.

£10,000: Will allow us to build a basic version of the app, limited to one platform and one industry only (£8,000 developer costs + £2,000 data costs).

£11,500: Will allow us to test the basic version of the app.

£21,500: Will allow us to expand our product coverage into other industries.

£29,000 Will allow us to expand to a second platform (£6,000 developer costs + £1,500 testing costs).

£50,000: Will allow us to maximise our impact through expanding product coverage, spreading the word about our app and building strategic partnerships.

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Help us make equality a SUCCESS!

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