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Completion Date: Wed 01 Nov 2017

Product Description

On the 25th of November, 2014, an Australian player named Phillip Hughes died while he was batting. A ball struck his neck after he missed an attempted shot on a bouncer bowled by Sean Abbot in a county match in Australia. After that, the whole cricketing world were shocked and bowlers were afraid to bowl bouncers and even batsmen were afraid of playing fast bowling. As a result of this event, some people in the cricketing world wanted to improve cricket helmets and some valuable editions have been made of these cricket helmets. However, the attempts have not led to a lot of improvements.  As cricket lovers, we don’t want to lose wonderful players like Phillip Hughes and we want to make the game safer for both professional and amateur players. This is why we have decided to work towards making better cricket helmets to save this sport from further life threatening injuries and deaths.

Currently, the cricket helmet has grill made-up of steel and a cape made-up of fibre glass and there is not enough shock absorption technique and protective gears. The design is very obsolete and it does not meet the current requirements of modern game.  Our project is to improve cricket helmets and make it safer with better shock absorption capacity, more productive gears (especially for the neck and chin), and reduce the spaces between the grill of the helmet to prevent the ball going inside the helmet. On the other hand, the design and material used has been modified to be similar to the present baseball helmet design. We also intend to use mix material of carbon fibre and fibre glass which would ultimately make it lighter and more effective in terms of functionality and safety.

The most important advantage of this helmet will be its contribution to the reduction of the fear of injury among batsmen, and enable them to focus on their role without any tension. It would also help them to express themselves more freely. Alternatively, it helps the beginner player and encourages them to enjoy the game and pursue careers in cricket without being afraid of losing their lives. Cricket is a game of mental stability and we strongly believe that lighter helmets would help in providing more mental stability among the batsmen which would, by effect, increase their confidence. It would also help the bowlers to bowl with full strength and without fear that the bowl would hurt the batsmen. The investors should invest in this type of project because new and improved cricket helmets will take the cricket game to a new level where it can become truly global sport.