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Completion Date: Wed 01 Nov 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why cricket players should use ERII Helmet?

  1. Because it guarantees the safety for the players and helps in increasing the concentration on the game, it also raises the player’s confidence and makes the game more interesting.

  2. Do ERII Helmet rewards have any restrictions?

    There is no restrictions on the rewards given to the backers, everyone who pledged money to us will get the reward according to the reward categories.

  3. How could we know the progress of your project?

    We will send monthly emails to our backers to let them know how much progress we have made in the last month and we also let our backers know agenda for next month.

  4. Is your product available only for international players or for every cricket players? Whether professional or beginner?

    Our product is available for cricket player at every level because we design our product into two categories; one for professional cricketers and another one is for amateur cricketers.

  5. Where your product will be available after production?

    It will be available at various platforms such as online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and it is also available at other sports retail stores and one can also order in bulk by making contacts through email or our website