Technology to Raise Standards and Aspirations

Ernesettle Community School Plymouth - Raising Aspirations of the Community.

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This project received pledges on Mon 26 Mar 2018


The project will benefit: 485 children.

The children's ages range from: 2-11 years old

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 40.2%

OUR School...

Ernesettle Community School is based in the city of Plymouth.

Caring and thoughtful, Ernesettle children are innovators, builders, artists and improvers. They are risk-takers, problem solvers and writers. They are also pursuers of excellence and aspire to be the best they can be in whatever paths they decide to take. At Ernesettle Community School, we aim to help our children achieve the highest possible standard and provide a rich and broad, balanced curriculum. Inspiring experiences and visits are a vital part of our children’s education.

Ernesettle Community School plays a vital part in the local community. We would like to even further improve the provison we provide for not just our children but their families too by using technology to raise the standards of childrens, reading, writing, maths and computing skills.

At Ernesettle Community School we strive to ensure that the children become life-long learners and are prepared for the wider world in all aspects.


We would like to purchase an iPod touch for each of the year groups, in order to enhance learning opportunities and also provide more accessible learning for those who find some aspects of school academically challenging.

The iPods would be used across the whole school, in a range of different subjects and situations.

The Digital Leaders at Ernesettle Community School have carried out a range of community fundraising events in order to purchase further technology but we have been unable to reach the amount required, despite their on-going hard work. They have researched a wealth of benefits the iPod touch will have across the school and throughout the curriculum.

digital LEADERs' VOICE...

"We were visited by Google Expeditions over a year ago, we would be able to use the iPod touches to create our own virtual reality experiences as we could fundraise to purchase some of the cardboard headsets" - Jay

"The iPod touches would mean that we could take photographs and videos of our learning which we could playback when writing things down. I struggle to remember what I want to say so this would really help me!" - Eva

"I'd like to be able to use the iPod touch so that I can use the Green Screen App to create exciting projects in English." - Freya

"In English it would be so cool to be able to create a podcast to review the books that we read in our lessons. This would help to get lots of the younger children interested in reading too!" - Ethio

"I really wish we had easier access to the internet in our English lessons. It would really help with our biography learning as it would be so much easier to research facts about our famous person!" - Tom

where your donation will go...

7 x iPod touch 32GB Blue @ £194.40 each = £1,366.80

4 x Google Cardboard 2 pack @ £25.00 each = £100.00

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Grand total: £1,496.14


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