Renewable energy research & development

Please help an engineering student to research renewable energy for road cars and fund a new company

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Completion Date: Thu 11 Feb 2016

Project Summary

I am a University student who has been working on this project for a long time now. I aim to design and build electric cars that can perform as well as current petrol or diesel models, but with many advantages. The cars main features include:

  • Recharging in just a few minutes, with very high range
  • Next to no running costs
  • Very cheap to buy in comparison to petrol/diesel
  • Reliable build
  • Safe and economical
  • Well equipped
  • Amazing customer care and service

I have worked very hard in various part time jobs to fund the project until this point in time and have spent thousands of pounds and emptied my personal bank account to try and push the project along further. However I graduate in May 2016 and so, with a very large work load at university, I cannot work as much and need other ways to fund the project for when my course is complete.

I am currently using scaled electric models to simulate my design and tune it to near perfection. I then plan to build a full scale model and test it extensively before going into mass production. I have already started my company (Barclay EcoSolutions) so please check out the website for more details! 

I have always dreamt of making a car that could benefit the world. Too many companies today are run in the wrong way, where profit comes before customer satisfaction. This is wrong and I want to change that.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and there will be a reward for every single person who is kind enough to help me. It goes without saying that the more money that is raised, the further and quicker I can push on with the development of the design, but I would like to stress again that ANY donation is a massive help.

I am lucky enough to have free facilities at the moment as I can use a local racing track and the University laboratories to test new components and updated designs. However equipment, tools, patents, components and administration fees is very costly and is setting me back a lot every month.

The project has got a good following on social media from some major people and companies and my University are also somewhat impressed. I have a team of similar minded people who are also students that disagree with many companies perceived 'profit over customer satisfaction' approach, so I am not alone in this and I believe that I am in a great position to move forward with it.

Please check out the website, Facebook page and twitter for more details on the project and THANK YOU for your kind donation!