Engineering World Health Summer Institute

Providing medical aid through repairing/servicing medical equipment in Tanzanian Hospitals

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This project received pledges on Sat 28 Apr 2012

Hi potential sponsors,

Just to give you my own quick overview of what I'll be doing this summer:  

What I'll be doing

I'll be spending 2 months in Tanzania, during which time Engineering World Health (EWH) provide 1 month of tuition in Swahili and in the repair/maintenance of medical equipment. For the 2nd month, EWH place you in one of their target hospitals. These hospitals have no precedence of technical staff, so I would be working to make the most of whatever resources they have, and also performing reviews on how healthcare can be improved in such resource-constrained environments.

(The video below has been produced by EWH and may give a more comprehensive idea of the experience.)

EWH Summer Institute from Engineering World Health on Vimeo.


How your donation will be spent

EWH is a non-profit organisation so this project is entirely self-funded. Therefore, any sponsorship will go towards flights, lab supplies and tuition provided by EWH, along with helping me to cover costs of visas, vaccinations and internal travel within Tanzania.

I am asking for £1500 as the minimum which will allow me to do this project, any further money raised would be fantastic and would go into creating a donation for the hospital where I spend my summer.


Further work

In addition to the program outlined by EWH, while in Tanzania I intend to conduct a formal needs assessment on the neonatal monitoring situation. This is to be the subject of my thesis for my final year of undergraduate study and how I initially intend to build on this experience. 


Why I'm doing it

Finally without trying to be too emotive (see video by EWH..), I have hopefully got across that this is a worthwhile project and a proactive form of aid which doesn't always get the most attention. As I see it, improvements in healthcare for developing countries can only serve to even out opportunity within our global community. I am committed to finding practical, achievable solutions to this global inequality.


Your help is much appreciated.