A Slice of Raspberry Pi for Exning

Help us give our students the chance to be great developers and teach them a skill for life!

A Slice of Raspberry Pi for Exning
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Number of students that will benefit: Over 200 students

Age of students: 4 - 11

Percentage on Free School Meals: 3.9%


About our school

Exning Primary School provides an outstanding education within the context and understanding of shared values.  We believe all children should be taught kindness, co-operation, resilience, honesty, respect, concentration and perseverance, creating an emotionally aware school family, within a safe and secure environment.  Many of these values can be taught through coding.

We believe the most effective way to prepare children for learning is to teach a skills based, creative curriculum giving children the opportunity to become motivated, independent learners that can steer their own learning. We give children opportunities to use their imagination, collaborate and persevere to achieve their personal bests that we celebrate within the school.

Weaving through our curriculum are our three drivers;

  • Enterprise - The ability to take risks; show initiative and undertake new ventures and think creatively.  Computing plays a huge part in driving enterprise in our school.
  • Emotional Intelligence - Understanding ourselves and others.  Coding in our school means collaborating with others so children are taught how to understand others and work together.
  • Music and the Arts - Expressing ourselves through different media, including computing and technology.

What we would like to do

At Exning Primary, we believe we need to prepare our children for the future by teaching them skills that they can adapt and use in the ever-changing world of technology.  We have some very promising coders in our school, who are ready to embrace new challenges which will spark their creativity and problem solving skills.  We believe that buying a set of Raspberry Pis is  a great way to offer a wide range of coding and digital making opportunities for our children.  Because of the low-cost and multi-functionality of the Raspberry Pi, we can easily and cost-effectively enhance our class kits once the initial hardware has been purchased, allowing this to be a sustainable project.  Our Computing Lead has recently become a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and is extremely motivated to develop this project across the school community.

Who will benefit from our project?

We hope that this project will benefit our whole school community.  We plan to use the Raspberry Pi kits across a range of subjects, particularly in Computing, Maths, Science and Design Technology.  Our 'Code Clubbers' will play an integral role in suggesting, piloting and evaluating potential lessons in which we could use the Raspberry Pi.  Our Digital Leaders will support our Computing Lead to up-skill staff in order to develop their confidence and skills in coding and physical computing.  We also hope that parents/carers will become inspired in coding as a result of their children's enthusiasm and would hope to lead some workshops where the children can share their learning with their parents/carers.

Why do we want to do this project?

We want our children to reach their full potential.

Our Raspberry Pi Project will allow our students to further develop their problem-solving and thinking skills as well as introducing them to physical computing and digital making.

A majority of our students had never heard of a Raspberry Pi and they would never have believed that they had the skills to make their own robot move, until our Digital Leaders opened up this world of possibilities with the two Raspberry Pis we purchased recently.


Grand total: £1,223.90

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