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Help Running-a-Mock fund their first trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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Running-a-Mock goes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

This year, King's College London's improv team is thrilled to be traveling to Edinburgh to perform at the Fringe Festival for the entire month of August! We'll be performing from the 6th to the 28th of August at the Free Sisters Laughing Horse venue. And it's totally free! So come check us out if you can, help out by making a donation of any size, or simply help us spread the word about our show. This marks Running-a-Mock's first foray into the festival (the largest performing arts festival of its kind), after being founded only two years ago. Since then, Running-a-Mock has grown to be the largest student-run improvisational society of its kind in London, hosting weekly workshops and performances for more than seventy-five members. This year, we've also performed with KCL ThinkMental and It Stops Here to help raise mental health awareness and raise Rape Crisis relief funds, as well as to a sell-out audience at the Shoreditch Impro Festival. Furthermore, we're looking to found an outreach program in the coming year to develop theatre and improvisational skills in underserved schools throughout the London area.

We're looking for your support to help provide our members with as many opportunities as possible, so that we might continue to bring the funny to the best of our ability. 

What's our show?

Glad you asked! Our show is called Facebook Official, and it's the best way to make use of your embarrassing 2009 Facebook status updates. For each show, one brave audience member will grant us access to his or her Facebook page, and this will become the inspiration for an hour of hilarious long-form improv!

Where would your money go?

Though we have received a generous grant from the KCLSU Development Fund, we still have more to raise. Your donation will go towards the following:

Venue and Fringe Registration - £483

Transport - £200

Accommodation - £2430

Marketing - £150

Performance Equipment - £280

What do you get in return for donating?

Awesome rewards, of course. It'll go a little something like this:

£1 - Select this option if you'd like to donate without a reward (but if you still want to make us smile real big). 

£5 - For this amount you'll get a thank you tweet from our improvisers. 

£10 - For this amount you'll get a thank you tweet and a shoutout on our Facebook page.

£25 - You'll get all of the above, and we'll Instagram a video with one of our improvisers thanking you in character as the celebrity of your choice! Or as any household object! We're pretty flexible.

£40 - You'll receive all of the above, plus a ticket to our London preview in late July!

£75 - You'll receive a thank you tweet, a Facebook shoutout, an instagram video, and 2 tickets to the Whose Line Is It Anyway Live Opening Gala on June 9th! 

£75 - You'll receive a thank you tweet, a Facebook shoutout, an instagram video, and 2 tickets to our London preview (which we think will be just as good as the Whose Line Show). We'll also send you a postcard from Edinburgh covered in hearts.

£100 - You'll receive a thank you tweet, a Facebook shoutout, an instagram, two tickets to our London preview, and we'll list you as being our Facebook Official friend as well as give you a shout-out at our final Edinburgh performance.

£150 - You'll receive all our social media love, two tickets to our London preview, and a thank you letter/care package from our improvisers, and we'll list you as being our Facebook Official friend as well as a shout-out. 

£250 - For this amount, you'll be showered in social media thank you's, AND... we will put your company's name and logo on our KCLSU website as a sponsor.

How else can you help?

While we greatly appreciate your monetary donations, that's not the only way you can help us! Please spread word about our show in any way you can - share us on Facebook, tweet about us, tell your friends, your neighbors, shout about us from rooftops, whatever you can do. Thank you!

For more info, check us out at in our various channels!

Our website:

Facebook page:



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29 Jun 2016

Hope you reach your target and have a great time at the festival.

16 Jun 2016

Good luck George and Running-a-mock!

10 Jun 2016
Jean Hoffman

I am sure you will reach your goal......good luck x

3 Jun 2016
Joan Thompson

So excited for all of you but especially my wonderful granddaughter, Sophia.


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