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Fairweather's Friends

A creepy comedy short film by University of York students

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This project received pledges on Sun 18 Jan 2015


We are a multinational crew from the University of York's very own Film & Television department aiming to raise the profile of filmmaking in the North and utilise the beautiful Yorkshire setting. We are planning to go into production for our ambitious short film Fairweather's Friends this February

With your help we can make this vision reality, and with the generous support of YuStart the first £350 you donate will be match funded, meaning that every pound you give will be two pounds towards our goal! Every contribution means the world to us, so we have a selection of great rewards we want to offer in return for your help. There is unique art work on offer as well as DVDs, BluRays and a bunch of other stuff. So see if anything catches your fancy!

Continue reading to find out more about our project...

Some initial concept sketches by our amazing Art Director Clara Cornish. Check out her website here!

The Story

Al Barone is on the run and needs to get off the road, when he finally finds a bed for the night at Fairweather’s Friends Hotel. Al’s relaxing evening takes a sinister turn as he struggles to escape the doting attention of owner Clarence Fairweather and his passion for the cabaret.
Doors lock at 10, and it’s not safe outside…

The Team

The creative team behind Fairweather’s Friends is made up of nine students from the University of York. In the past our crew members' work has been showcased at various high profile events such as Raindance Film Festival, the Royal Television Society Student Awards and NAHEIMI at the BFI in London. This is the first time we are collaborating on a project as a team and working towards something bigger and better than anything we have made so far. Every team member aspires to work in the film industry after graduating in 2015 and this film will be our calling card, showcasing our individual skills.

We also have the great support of John Mateer, the current head of Film & Television at our department, who acts as executive producer for our film. 

The Fairweather Team - dead serious about making this film!

Budget Breakdown

Our fundraising goal is less than the below budget because we already have some funds from our department as well as money the crew have contributed for early pre-production costs. We need to reach our minimum target of £1000 in order to receive the funds you have pledged. But every pound we get on top of that will be put on screen to make the film look as good as it can. There will be more money for production design, costumes and location hire, making every shot look as special as it should! 

Here is a preliminary budget to show you where your money will be spent:

o  Location hire: £350.00

Actors – (we’ll try to keep costs low by using local talent when possible without compromising quality)
o  Travel cost (cast of three)  £200.00
o  Accommodation (cast of three) ≈ £250.00 

o  Van for five days ≈ £300.00
o  Petrol for various production vehicles ≈ £150.00 
o  Insurance for borrowed cars ≈ £100.00

Art department
o  Various material, props, costumes (hire where available/buy as little as possible) ≈ £ 400.00 

o  Approx. 15 people, five days, three meals per day ≈ £400.00

TOTAL ≈ £2150.00


Please help us make this project a reality by donating online. Just click the button on the right of the page to choose your gift. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference to all of the crew, and to the finished film!

If you can't support us financially, please consider supporting us online by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook . 

Every share, retweet, like, phonecall, chat with a neighbour about the strange kids with the turtlenecks etc helps more people know about us and we come a step closer to making our film happen.

Please consider giving what you can. 

Thank you so much from all of Fairweather's Friends.

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Tweeted thank you from all of Fairweather's Friends.

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Estimated delivery: 1 March 2015

Pledge £15 or more

Tweeted thank you from all of Fairweather's Friends and an exclusive behind the scenes still from our shoot.

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Pledge £25 or more

All the above PLUS a DVD with a personal greeting from all of Fairweather's Friends.

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Pledge £50 or more

All of the above PLUS a high quality facsimile of one of Clara's original story board sketches, a mention in the film's credits AND and lots of love!!!

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Pledge £100 or more

All the above but instead of the DVD you get a shiny HD Blu-Ray and an original concept drawing!

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Pledge £250 or more

Blu-Ray, original art and all the other stuff, PLUS a special, personalised thank you video from set AND eternal status as short film God. PS: Have I mentioned how nice your hair look today?!

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Estimated delivery: 1 April 2015

Pledge £500 or more

This is the big one! You get all the previously mentioned goodies PLUS a visit on set (travel and accommodation not included) and a credit as executive producer, including IMDB page. Also, you earn the official status of being Fairweather's Best Friend!

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Estimated delivery: 1 April 2015